A promise meant to keep

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This is a poem about heartbreak.

Submitted: May 29, 2007

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Submitted: May 29, 2007



I wish I could take back what I told you


Going back in time is something no one can do


Now that you hate me


It won't be hard for you to betray me


Betray your word of secrecy


I don't know why you'd do that to me


You told me no matter what you wouldn't tell


If you tell I hope you go to hell


Go to hell for breaking your promise


Please tell me you will keep your promise


Break your promise and I'll hurt you


Pain isn't the only thing I can do


I'll make your life miserable to the end


I told you we could still be friends


I asked for an apology and I didn't get one


Now because of you our friendship is done


Stick a fork in it because it's done all because I didn't get my apology


An apology because you used me and really and truly hurt me


Hurt me by filling my head with lies


I tough we had a bond but you cut the ties


The ties that were holding my heart down


Now my heart is nowhere to be found


It's lost out there all alone


Out in the cold world to roam


To roam around all on its own


And it can't find its way back home

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