Broken house

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This is a poem about a little girls struggle.

Submitted: May 27, 2007

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Submitted: May 27, 2007



A little girl inside a broken house


That no one wants to call home


Her mother with no spouse


Left outside for the open road to roam


Stuck in a broken house with no hope


What is she to do


Just sit around and cope


Cope with being beat and raped through and through


By her mom's boyfriend


She begs him to stop but he refuses


Everyday he does it again and again


For him it amuses


For her it is painful


So painful she bleeds


Her mother is jealous of her to the maximum full


And sends her to a home that gives her what she needs


Now in a better place


A place she can call home


Where pain is no longer engraved on her face


Though she is happy now


She has a big whole in her heart


She is asking how


How this happened from the start


Asking why her mom abandoned her


Asking why she chose him over me


Her own flesh and blood how dare her


How dare her do that to me


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