Girl next door

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This is a poem about a girl who is tired of not being seen for who she really is and wants to be noticed.

Submitted: May 27, 2007

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Submitted: May 27, 2007



I feel like i am invisible

like no one sees who the real me is

they just see me as who they want me to be

they see me as the shy smart girl who gets hurt easily

i am young but act older

i guess that is why i get the cold shoulder

i try to talk to someone and they just ignore me

that is not the person i want to be

i want people to be the ones that come up to me and talk to me

that is the way i want it to be

i don't want to be the girl everyone sees as a bore

i don't want to be the girl next door

i want to be rambunctious and free

free to be the real me

the me that is trapped inside this person who has no personality

i want to be the girl who gets noticed for the good things and not the bad

i want to be happy and not sad

sad that no one wants to be friends with me

the me that is trapped in this cold society

the me that wants to say what i want and when i want

and so no one can be mean to me or taunt

taunt me for something stupid i did or said

i don't want to be the girl in the background anymore

i am gonna break my shell and quit my job as the girl next door

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