I don't want you back

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Submitted: June 02, 2007

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Submitted: June 02, 2007



I don't want you back


After you have thrown my life off track


You've hurt me really bad


And you threw away all the love we had


You tricked me and don't even care


What you did wasn't fair


Fair to me


I'm glad I got to see


The real you before I made a big mistake


My heart is something I'll never let you take


It could have been yours buy you messed up big time


I refuse to be your dime


The dime you push around


I refuse to be face down on the ground


I refuse to be the girl on the side


I'm not going along for this ride


Maybe when you've changed your ways


Or maybe not because the day you've changed is the day


The day that hell has frozen over and pigs can fly


Why did you have to be that guy


The guy that hurt me the way you did


Just trust me when I say I'll never forgive


Forgive you for the games you play


I have learned my lesson and you have no say


In how I tell your main girl


Shut up and let me give it a whirl

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