I'm not going to cry

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This is a poem about a friend trying to get through another friends head that drugs and lies are no good and they can lead to your death and when you do die no one will care because they will have hated you for your mistakes.

Submitted: May 27, 2007

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Submitted: May 27, 2007



When you're in your coffin don't expect me to cry

I told you if you didn't stop using them you would die

you're in your coffin because you took too much

your skin is icy cold to people when they go to  touch

you've hurt so many people because you had to have it your way

I knew your way would end to this day

The day I hear that you have died

Not one single tear drop have I cried

I warned you and warned you but you didn't comprehend

Nothing you can do to change because you put your life to an end

You used and abused

To your offers I refused

You led people on and now its too late

Now so many people hate

Hate you so much they won't be there

Because what you did wasn't fair

You made people believe your lies

People trusted you and you destroyed their lives

Well karma caught up to you

And there is nothing you can do

Do to go back and change it all

We told you it was your call

We offered you help and you denied

Not only did we offer but we tried

Tried to help you but you were a worth less cause

I'm not going to cry because you're a lost cause

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