My Creator

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Submitted: May 29, 2007

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Submitted: May 29, 2007



I've made a big mistake letting you in


Now that you know everything I do not know how to begin


How to tell you how it all went down


When he did these things when no one was around


You see you have no clue


No clue about the pain I went through


The sight of blood and every dripping tear


You could never feel that level of fear


The fear that if you spoke a single word and if you didn't do what you were told


He only gave me a pillow to hold


To hold while I was being beaten and raped


There is only a certain amount of pain a person can take


After that one last hit that made me yell


There is more to this to tell


The pain I endured is something that makes me strong


What he did was painfully wrong


If I could paint a picture for you I would


You would tell me to put it up if only I could


Could paint the exact picture of what he did to me


And the fate of him at the end of this story


You see the criminal at hand got caught


All because of my one single thought


My thought to god to help save me


To him forever I will loyally be


If It didn't get answered I knew I would meet my creator


And I could walk through the door


The door to the pearly gates

The gates to the one person I could never hate


My creator my sole survivor


To him I'll be forever thankful for

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