That something that will never be

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This is a poem about jealousy. Its about a girl who wants to be with a guy she knows she can't have and is jealous of the guys girlfriend.

Submitted: May 27, 2007

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Submitted: May 27, 2007



i resent being who i am and who i am is me

this person is everything i don't want to be

i can't stand the fact the you love her but only like me

i wish it wasn't her you love and it was me

me who can give you warm soft hugs and gentle kisses

you are the one thing that i am missing

i want you

i want you and you know i do

i won't settle for anything less

without you i think ill be wreckless

wreckless to the end

i don't think ill ever love anybody elses again

why can't you see

see that you are the one that i want

i wish itll all come back to you and haunt

haunt you till the end because of the decision you made

the decision that could have led to you and me being saved

you know what ill just forget about you

and everything i love about you

i try to forget about you but i can't get the mental vision of you out of my head

i think of you every night before i go to bed

sometimes i picture wat itd be like you and me

but i know it is something that will never be

who i am is who i don't want to be

i wish i had your loving company

the company that soothes and helps me

but i know that is something that will never be

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