The most dangerous game

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This is a poem about deceit and playing a game.

Submitted: May 29, 2007

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Submitted: May 29, 2007



I thought what we had was love but how was I wrong


With or without you I'll always be strong


Strong enough to move on and live


I can forgive but never forget what you did


What you did was wrong and wasn't needed


It also was not wanted


What you did was sick and very cruel


I let my guard down and you took me for a fool


The game you were playing you got caught in


And I'm the one who put it to an end


You were playing the most dangerous game


You know what all guys are the same


All guys are just like you and don't even know it


You're different because you know of it and you aren't ashamed to show it


You should be ashamed because you hurt me and other women out there


You have no heart and you don't care


Care about the people you hurt and despise


Why don't you open up your eyes


Open them up to the horrible things that you do


Open your eyes to the true


The true you


You got caught playing in the most dangerous game and now have nothing to do

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