Then End

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Submitted: October 11, 2007

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Submitted: October 11, 2007



the tears i shed mean nothing to you
you say there is nothing i can do
nothing to do to help you out
so you sit there without that doubt
that doubt that you can't help me
well when i put me out of my own misery

think about that doubt you had no problem deciding over
well think about that when im 6 feet lower
when im 6ft lower than i used to be
thinking everything is wrong with me
and thinking itd be a good thing for everyone if the world was without me
so i will put me out of my own misery

not only my misery but everyone else's misery
the blinding painful misery
the one no one wants to handle
now you sit there a light a candle
a candle at the funeral of the unwanted
the one that has and will always be haunted
haunted of the past she had
thinking if she took her life everyone would be glad

so she takes the blade to shed her own blood
and sits in the bathtub with the water to flood
flood like the tears coming from her mothers eyes
tears that overwhelm everyone as they say their goodbyes
lowered into the ground into the cold brown earth
was her life the worth
worth taking
or worth keeping

youll never know
and neither will she
because she felt so alone and abandoned she thought she deserved to take away her life

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