Natural supremacy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A man loves nature and is unable to connect to the world of people. Until he found his strength and goes where he belongs.


Natural supremacy



Ever since I was young nature appealed to me like nothing else. In the summertime I would be sitting in the grass, watching the ants go by in their busy lives. I watched the butterflies land on our beautiful flowers, studying their bodies with intense concentration. The birds in the trees were singing their songs and playing their tune. I always tried to repeat what I heard and after some practice I could tune in and even grasp a little of what they were saying. I never laid a finger on any living thing, somehow I felt that each creature wants to live, just as I do. Nature repaid me, I never got stung by anything, even when I was holding wasps or mosquito's in my hand. Sometimes I played with other kids, but when I saw them crush bugs and rip the wings off butterflies I did not want to see them ever again. People think nature is mindless, but that is far from the truth. Mankind simply doesn't watch nature to the brink of understanding, they get bored long before the truth sinks in. So basically it is them who are what they accuse nature of.

My mother often watched me as I was playing in the garden, she pinched my dad to come and see me go, but he just stood there and shook his head. He should talk more to people, he said and went back to sit in his chair and read the newspaper. My father is a real man of the world, immune to insight and concentration, caring for nothing else than his own agenda. I can't really blame him for it, he was raised to do it. My mother had a heart of gold. She saw me for who I am and loved me just as much as she loved the rest of the family. I also had a brother and a sister, but they were a few years older than me and were always making fun of me. If I wouldn't have had my mother I would probably been down and out in life.

The years went by and it was time for me to go to school. And boy, did it come crushing down on me! I never saw many people and now they were all over the place. To me it looked like a circus of horror. All those people talking and talking, I couldn't even follow what they were making all that fuzz about. I really tried, but they all seemed so insincere, especially the older ones. It looked like they had had a far different life than me, of course I was right. When I was talking with nature, they had been talking to people. I just didn't know what to say, so I turned to the only thing I knew. Just outside the schoolyard there was a field of grass and some bushes and trees. I tuned in to the birds in the trees and played some with all things alive, except people.

When I came home I ran into my mother's arms and cried for half an hour. She asked me what was wrong, but I had no breathe left to speak.

"Cut your whining and tell us what is up," cried my father.

"Shut up," my mother replied and took me upstairs to my room, where I finally confided in her what my problem was.

"My boy," she said, "you have to learn how to speak to people, you speak to me too, don't you?"

"That is different, mommy, I am scared of these people."

"Don't you worry, you'll fit in just fine, you only have to get used to it."

But I never did.


After some time the kids were really getting on my back, because they saw how detached I was from the rest. They simply saw an easy victim and everyone knows how kids are. Their morals haven't had time to grow yet, so they are half animal, half human. It is easy to say these things now, and today I won't hold it against them, but that was way different then. And slowly, but surely, my anger rose. I did nothing wrong, it was them who did it! So I locked myself up in quiet desperation. I got silent and just did what I had to do in school, while spending every last minute I had in nature. At least animals weren't judgemental, they took me for who I was.

My mother saw the change come into me but I even grew more silent to her. Sometimes I told her what was going on, but most of the time I just went into the garden, or into the forest nearby. We lived just fifty meters from the forest, so my parents let me go there, as long as I'd be home at six, which I always was. Besides, they could see too that I came home with a faint smile on my lips. They knew there was only one cure for my long face.

While it used to be intense play, my natural belonging became more obvious, as my brain was able to grasp more of reality. By now I knew what most calls from birds mean, what ants do for a living, how honey is being made, why spiders make webs. I could understand the whole natural world in some way, except the one that locked me up inside my head while walking the streets. Something strange happened though. Sometimes I had visions that didn't come from me. It was like I was inside another creatures head. I saw images from far above, looking down. I saw gigantic things towering over my head. At one point I saw myself, then I knew I must have had an image produced by a creature looking at me. I never told anyone, up till now. I knew how people would treat me if I told them. So I concentrated some more on how this happens. And slowly I started to understand what was going on. In the words of mankind, I could log in to the group psyche of the beings around me, except of humans. All birds have the same group psyche, except those who prey on birds. All other animals have the same principle of living. They haven't individualised yet, they are all one. It is like talking to a king of a country, who speaks for them all. And I started speaking to them, not with words alone, but mainly through images. After some practice I could ask any bird to show me a place further away or to show up in view, as long as it didn't contradict the nature of the animal I asked. It would be like asking the king of the birds to show me the schoolyard in a birds view and I could watch it from where ever I was at the moment. A bird would simply fly up there and show me the image he saw in my brain. At first I was excited and a little afraid, but as I got the hang of it, it came natural to me. It was then I knew a life amongst people was nothing for me. I belonged to nature.

One day, when the kids were harassing me again I tried to use this ability to my advantage. A big schoolbully, who often had beaten me, was after me and I logged in to the world of wasps. I sent an image of a wasp stinging him in the arm and I couldn't believe my eyes when exactly that happened! He jumped up in pain and ran to the schoolmaster, who gave him something to ease his pain. It was all just a coincidence, of course, to the kids and teachers. I thought long and hard if I should make use of my newborn power. After some time, my answer was yes. I do nothing wrong and still I get attacked. People will harass me no longer! They deserve to be punished for their uncalled aggressiveness. I have the right to be left alone.

These coincidences started to happen at a regular basis now and people were starting to frown upon me. It was not that they could accuse me of anything, even kids are mainstream in their line of thought for some reason, after they reached the age of seven to eight. I guess schooling is a perfect way to remove all fantasy and wonder out of a kids' mind. All the better for me. The kids knew subconsciously I was responsible for their sudden misfortune but they never pulled the trigger of their gut feeling. They did exactly I was hoping for. They left me alone.

I was so relieved. My mother asked me where this sudden change came from and I told her that I could finally get along with the people. I couldn't break her heart and tell her what was really going on. My mother is the only person I really loved in this world.

When I had to go to highschool I felt like having to start all over again. Even though most people have grown out of their aggressive will to power by the time they reach highschool, there are always a few punks who never stop their evil ways. By now I had enough confidence to just shrug and walk on when people tried to harass me. I simply ignored people, as they had nothing to offer me. One day the four riders of stupidity and aggression, as I called them, stood waiting for me in an alley, where I couldn't get away. I knew full well what I was in for, I heard some stories through the grapevine.

"You must think you are better than us," BB said, their leader.

"I know I am better than you guys," I replied. I called in some troops from the skies and a Danish dog I often gave some meat.

"Let's get this bastard," one of the drones said, just as the big dog sat down next to me.

"Hello, Fuzzy," I said to the dog and petted him on the back. "Shall we go get some meat?"

By now several birds were in a row on a ridge on both sides of the alley. Cats were slowly moving closer from behind and a legion of wasps and stingflies hung upon the walls on either side.

"I really would be interested in some more conversation if you guys had more to bring than yourselves. So, have a nice life and don't disturb me any more," I smiled.

The four looked around stunned. Their hair stood up on their backs and they shivered a bit.

"Fuck this shit," BB said and he gestured for the rest to follow him. "You haven't seen the last of this!" he cried out after me.

I hope for you it is, I said to myself. And it was.

The word got around and soon people started asking me questions. Of course I never gave them any information, as that wouldn't be very wise. When their persistence came a little too strong I asked them: "So you are asking me if I can control animals with my mind or so? Are you some sort of new age type?"

Sure enough, after such a remark they let it go, as making a fool out of somebody else is one of the best tricks I know. Especially in highschool, where you are supposed to be cool.

So I got the name of being an eccentric. Somebody you can't get to know, which was the truth, really. The good thing about this is that people left me alone and that is all I ever wanted. My grades were good enough to make every class, after all, how hard can reproduction be? Sometimes I got a little help to upgrade a weak mark, I knew the answers before a test was laid on my table. I guess you can figure out how I did that by now.

I got through highschool with only some minor problems. After my graduation I felt that I could not do it anymore. I had to get away from all those people and do my own thing. I just didn't know what to do. My mother told me to take up a study in nature, biology or physics or so. I took a year off to ponder on my decision. My dad told me to start working if I did not want to study any more. Yeah, studying and making money, the only things you can do with your life. But he was right in some way, I needed money.

Then I had an idea. Why not let nature make you money? I started a foundation for the preservation and promotion of nature. I asked someone who had experience in leading a company to do the works for me, while I would be responsible for fundraising. I had all the trust in my abilities, I can be very persuasive if needed. So what I had to do was to get major funds as soon as possible. And I knew just who to turn to.

I googled some well known pollutor companies and got to know their CEO's. I read up on their personalities and when I thought someone was a bastard and had it coming I would "ask" them for a contribution to our foundation to show his good heart, which he so far had kept hidden well. Of course I did not write him a letter. He was not supposed to know why all these things were happening, so making myself known wasn't very smart. I gave him a different kind of letter.

First I observed the mansion of the CEO in a birds view. After that I got inside through the eyes of a fly. I could hear what he said by their cat's ear. Not that the cat understood what he said, but the cat could reproduce the sounds that are meaningless to him. After a few days I got the hang of what made him tick and how to deal with him. Besides, who wouldn't be scared of the following situation?

When he was alone I directed a swarm of wasps to all exits. At the same time I let a swarm of flies write the words "stay put!" on the wall before him. He stared at the wall, while the words dissolved. He just couldn't believe what he just saw, but those swarms of wasps were real enough. He thought about running for it, but when he stood up the flies wrote "flee and you die". He sat down again. His breath was pumping and fear was in his eyes. A bird flew up to him and gave him a pen. Another came with paper. By now his head was spinning. He couldn't fight it anymore. He thought he was going mad. "Write this down" was the next message from the fly squad. "10 million, to the foundation", "for the preservation", "and promotion of nature", "today or die!" "Not a word, I see you". "Black suit, golden watch", "Golden tie pin, golden cuff link".

I thought this was a pretty convincing way of making my point clear. His oil company had more than enough money, so it would make no difference to them. Besides, they could uplift their bad name by making a big contribution to burn away some dark conscience.

Then all animals left except a fly to watch him until he had made the donation. He called his wife to come over and talk to him.

"Not a word" was spelled on the wall again.

He then knew he couldn't get away. Somehow somebody was watching every move he made. He just wanted to have it done and hopefully it would all go away. He called a few people and our foundation was suddenly wealthy. After that I left him alone. He was my first case and I did not have enough experience to run my scheme more smoothly. But I got the hang of it pretty soon.

The CEO of our foundation asked me how I got that oil company to send us that much money. I told him that I had no role at all in it and that our goal must have been good enough for them to donate to. Needless to say our club was rich in no time. We were the biggest non profit organisation and we did great things for this world. We bought masses of jungle to protect the lungs of our earth. We invested in green energy for the same reason. We contributed to national parks to enhance and protect places where nature was left alone. And the list goes on, but I don't want to bore you.


By now I had a good income too and I built myself a farm in the middle of the woods. My surroundings were swarming with life. Birdhouses, bee hives, ants, crickets, dogs, cats, etcetera, all living in harmony, as I fed them all well. It was to be expected that I should live alone for the rest of my life. But I didn't have a lonely day since I moved to my farm. I was happy, finally.


Submitted: November 06, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Denker. All rights reserved.

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