Fatville, USA

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A young man's struggle to save his town as they set on a path to destroy both themselves and their hearts.

Submitted: March 20, 2013

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Submitted: March 20, 2013



If you know Carefree, Arizona you know no one cares about anything other than stuffing their faces with food. The people there were all fat as everyday they ate from KFC, McDonald’s, and Taco Bell for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all the time between those three meals. Things such as vegetables and fruits were hardly ever seen due to everyone’s craving for fast food joints. When the people there wanted to feel foreign, they went to Panda Express, and when a child did something especially good, their parents took him to White Castle. However in this town of fatties, there was one person who could never be fat no matter how hard he tried for a very simple reason. This boy’s name was Cole, and he was allergic to grease.

As Cole was allergic to grease, he always ate home packed lunches of fruit and vegetables. He was made fun of every day by the others for being skinny and for his home packed lunches that were nothing but what everyone else called rabbit food. Better than everyone at everything and not thinking of food all the time, Cole grew up showing compassion and worrying for the rest of his town, as people were now getting so big that they didn’t walk anymore, they were even unable to waddle, they were forced to roll on the ground whenever they wanted to move to another destination, which was usually another fast food restaurant. The school buildings couldn’t handle the weight of all the kids, falling down to pieces during third period. The new building was made out of steel to support the weight of everyone in the school and the hallways were wider so that kids could roll to class and be on time as they could never walk or waddle to class fast enough. On a daily basis kids fainted from the seven steps it took to walk up to the front of their class from their chairs, annoying their teachers who just sat there munching on pork rinds and other greasy and disgusting snacks. 

Cole realized he had to do something as no matter where he went, someone had fainted and was lying on the ground and not going to be moved from there, as most people could barely move their own bodies let alone another person’s. So he came up with a plan. His plan was to replace all the food in the school cafeteria with fruit and vegetables so that kids had no choice but to eat healthy. However, when he went to carry out his plan in the middle of the night, the lunch lady had spotted him, and in the attempt to stop him by beating him with a ladle, she slipped on some grease that had spilled out from the fry maker earlier in the day, falling on top of Cole. As she rolled five minutes later off him, he was unconscious, sprawled out on the floor, with his arms and legs at strange angles. She took several minutes trying to get up off the floor of the cafeteria and hurriedly waddled her body over to the phone and dialed 911, telling the receiver she needed an ambulance.

Cole was hurried to a hospital out of town because Carefree didn’t have a hospital as no one had the energy to become a doctor nor go during an operation without some doughnuts. He had three broken ribs, his legs broken in several places, his chest and arms crushed, and his face distorted by a broken nose and several teeth missing. The lunch lady had watched them take him away while eating some nachos she had made after the incident. No one asked what had happened to Cole the next day because no one cared enough about him to take a break from eating and wonder where he had disappeared.

As Cole lay in the hospital, his body smashed to pieces, he took in interest to pro wrestling. As he was in a full body cast, there wasn’t much he could do at first except watch and learn the moves. Later, as one arm became free, he began to practice all the moves he had learned in those weeks of complete immobility. He started practicing with his pillow, but as he continued to heal up and remove his cast. It was almost like he had been reborn as a new person. One who had the ability to crush people by jumping on them with a flying tackle, hitting them with a chair, or slamming their head into the ground with a pile driver. Cole was easily the most dangerous person in Carefree, Arizona, and there were more than a couple people he wanted revenge on.

He began to lift weights until he was strong enough to pick up the fattest person in all of Carefree, the mayor. After that he began his revenge on the kids who had made fun of him for being skinny and unable to eat all the food that the other kids normally ate. He pile drove their heads into the floor, the walls, and even one of them into a fish tank. He folded a couple of them up into pretzels, hearing their joints dislocate in the process. Cole ignored their screams and just continued on his rampage. There were a lot of people that had to be taken care and Cole was an unstoppable machine that would stop at nothing to get his revenge. Once he finished taking care of the kids, he moved to his main target for revenge. The cafeteria lady, the one who had crushed his entire body before.

He walked into the lunchroom one day, to see her spooning mash potatoes onto a person’s plate. Then a sudden urge of bloodlust began to course through his body, his vision became red, his thoughts irrational. He didn’t even realize he had done something until he looked down and realized he had the lunch lady by the feet, spinning her around like a top until he launched her into the trashcans lining up the other side of the cafeteria. Cole felt a sense of satisfaction from doing this. He knew he wouldn’t be in trouble for what he did because no one would be able to roll fast enough to catch him. He could simply out walk them. But now, with the lunch lady taken care of, Cole’s plans of turning the food at his school into a healthy menu where kids are forced to eat healthy, was ready for a second attempt. An attempt where no one slipping on top of him was going to stop him from doing what he had to.

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