Life of a Prostitute

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Life of a prostitute in the Mumbai City

Submitted: June 21, 2013

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Submitted: June 21, 2013



I am on my walk through Mumbai city.This city has been wondering me since I stepped out here.I can see many tourists in this city because of their holiday's.I too is on my vacations.The life is so busy here and of course crowded too.The city is getting dark and the street lights are on.I headed fast to Juhu hotel and took a room.After a cup of coffee and a bit fresh up,I took my Canon and went to the balcony.I lighted the joint and saw the beauty of the juhu beach and the lady known as \"MUMBAI\".I clicked that image in front of me.That inspired me to travel through the city.I had heard about the crowd in andheri.the romance in marine drive,the tourist in sea link,the business in markets and the girls in red street.I started my way through the Mumbai. After a long walk through the city I sat on the stone benches of the marine drive relaxing taking a smoke.I closed my eyes enjoying the wind blowing on me and the small showering of rain.I felt like something poking me.I opened my eyes and saw a 5 year old girl begging to me.I gave her few coins and sat their itself.After sometime again I heard a voice seeking water.I opened my eyes and saw a old lady asking me to give a drop a water and she fell on me.I hurried taking my bottle and gave her water.She took a long breathe and closed her eyes forever.People crowded around me without any help.I myself ringed an amblance and sent her body along with them.I saw a carry bag near me.I took it along with me.In that bag there was nothing but a diary.I took the dairy with me and hurried to my room.I ordered a Kingfisher ultra strong beer and changed my clothes.By that time the beer came and I went to the balcony with the dairy.I opened the beer and took a sip and opened the book.It was in Hindi.On the first page it was noted \"A life of a prostitute\"

A Life of a prostitute

My name is Sherin.I don't know my father.I only have a mother named Maria.She was a prostitute in the Mumbai Red Street.Sometimes I would have born to a sex thirsty bastard or my father died when my mother was carrying me.My mother also doesn't has any answer for that.Since I born I was all seeing the girls who will remove there clothes for money.I was all seeing the sex thirsty men bargaining for the body they enjoyed.I was not sent to any school even my friends too.We all were sent to play at slums.The toy which we were playing was with used condoms.We doesn't know what was that and even there was no one to correct us.It was a place were no women above 45 can't be seen.I wondered were they all go but no one answered me.The only answer I got was \"you will know were they all go when u reach there age\".I was confused with that answer.I can see many politicians,police officers,VIPs,who visit only for the sexual benefit.Everyone look on us only with the sexual desire.As on growing up I realised that we are for rent.We are girls to satisfy the sexual interests of strangers who we have never met.They are not understanding that we are also women's like their women and sisters.But due to our poverty we are forced to submit our bodies.Our only earning is this and no one is ready to give us any job.I grown up witnessing only sex.When I was 13 ,menstural flow starts.My mom was not even cared to relax me on that pain instead she told me soon u can also earn for our living.I dint understand what she said.When I said this to my friends there mothers also told like that.They too doesn't know what mothers meant.But only answer we know is You will know about this when you reach our age.Since then everyday my mother took the size of my breast and buttox.She gave me lipsticks and eyeliner and also with jasmine flowers and said always wear this.That also I dint understand.Years passed and in me too that interest came.I too want to have sex and I too started dreamt of a guy having sex with me.I was more beautiful than anyone there.So at the age of 16 my first seex occurred.It was with a old fat black man.I was afraid of him.But of a thought that it is my livelihood I laid with him.He was the one who broke my virginity.Blood flowed and it was paining like I was dying.That man doesn't stopped.He pushed and pushed me till he is satisfied.At last he paid me 20000 rs.I was wondered by seeing such a huge amount.Since then every night I had an appointment.Then I got the answer why my mom told to put the lipsticks and all.Because of the beauty in me I have been sent to beds of politicians and VVIPs.Automatically my rate for a night increases and now I have been receiving Lakhs per night.My life changed and started to be luxurious.I was one among the top paid prostitutes.At the age of 28 I felt like I enjoyed every extremes of life.My mother was vanished somewhere before and I didnt took any initiative to find her.The same life continues till the age of 35.After that wrinkles started visible on my face.I started to become fat and body has become flat.My customers started reducing and I have been forced to reduce the charge.After 5 years no one wants me.All I have is money .No one wants to see me.I was all alone in this big world.Days passed by and I have effected with AIDS.I started taking treatments.All the money I have earned is finished by the treatments.But there is no use at all.The only thing I have is my house.I sold it too and treated .But of no use.Once a top rated prostitute is now on the streets without a cent in her hand.Then she got another answer which she was confused.Now she knows where everyone goes after 45.Now she knows where her mother has gone.She was also now facing the same life which others lived with her.Now she realised a thing.Every prostitutes has only 2 stories and a same end.Some live as lower paid and others with highly paid but their end is same like a street dog and this will be the end of every prostitutes.They have no value in the society only their body values.They are machines which satisfy your sexual desires.They are not categorized as women's.If we were born in a cultured society I would have been taken care of someone,but now there is not even a paisa to buy a bread to remove hunger.My life is coming to an end.I have doubt that there will be anyone who will give me a drop of water when I die.We are just created to be suffered.This is the life of a prostitute and will be of every prostitutes. The end

I closed the diary and thrown the beer bottle to the juhu.I looked vast in to the beautiful city.I realised that there has been many unnoticed life's like this here.The city is so beautiful with many sufferings. Tomorrow is the publication of my New Book \"Unseen Mumbai\".With the cover page of the picture which I took first with my Canon in Mumbai.I am eagerly waiting how the people will accept this.But if I succeed ,I have done something to that soul who told me the story,who pushed me into the unseen life's of Mumbai.

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