My pigeon of peace

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Extreme findings of peace

Submitted: April 29, 2013

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Submitted: April 29, 2013



Darkness is getting ova Races of humans with different destiny Horns and sound of motors irritating my ears No birds,No wind,No silence As usual sun has rised in the west in a busy crowded street Am walking and walking and walking Witnessing every doings of creatures so called Humans. Some in deep thoughts.some stares and some searching the morning bliss. Every emotions I can see around me. A smile came on me realising the world is like a theatre. I looked up high So high my eyes can reach I can see two suns in the sky I can see the color of the world changing I am gonna faint but I can't see any saint All I search is the white pigeons Without joining in the dramas there I kept on travelling A travel through my 3 minds A travel through the realities and beliefs Nothing helped me to find out my white pigeon Rather I can feel the stares hitting on me like a needle from the creatures so called Humans To get escaped from those realities I took my Mary Jane Lighted my only angel A deep breathe ,an hold and a small release I can feel something changing around me Yea,those streets can't be seen Horns and sounds can't be heard anymore Stares and races got vanished from me I felt relaxed and I heard something reaching on me Something tapped on my shoulder I turned back and I found my White pigeon beside me My lovely white pigeon beside me!!!

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