Sharp Pain

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
this story is about a boy named steven going through his high school spring break. during this he finds himself with the wrong group of people and gets into some serious trouble. although it is not your ordinary trouble he still has to try hard to get him self out of this trouble.

Submitted: August 10, 2017

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Submitted: August 10, 2017



It was my third high school spring break. Everyone imagines spring breaks as huge parties or Ding dong ditching, but it was nothing like that. The popular kids hang out and everyone just chills with friends. Then there is me I normally end up spending at my house, alone, with nobody to talk to to. It was a very fun break, for everyone, except for me. This spring break changed my life in the worst way possible, and it all started by a group of seniors calling out to me.

“What’s up my bro!” He exclaims like he as met me before.

“Just go away. Do I even know you?” I say in a depressed tone.

“Yo don’t get so sad Steven, but how do you not know who I am. Everyone knows who I am.”

“ Well, I don’t, what do you even want?”

“Well the names Trix, come over to my place and I'll show ya what I want, and what you want.”

“Dude I just met you I’m not going to your house.”

Then the others jumped in with brutal insults.

“ Haha, he is a little-scared baby. He probably still has a nightlight to sleep with.”

“He probably had a teddy bear and a little thunder blanky for when the storms come through so he doesn’t cry too much.”

“Don’t forget the bott-”

“Ok! Ok! I’ll go just shut up”

See this was probably one of the choices that if I would have changed I would have saved my life, but it was a tough time for me. My father died a month ago and I just recently got fired from my first job for something someone else did. Then they went and blamed it on me so I just took it and believed it was my fault. Then my parents paid some of my car payments and I felt bad about that. So the insults nearly put me to tears so I had to accept.

We drive down the main highway through the town and turn onto this empty street. I get a bit worried, but there are soon houses and we pull into the first one.

“We are here you losers. Get out!” Trix yells as everyone starts to jump out. When Trix unlocks the door a massive brown and white pit bull ran out the door sprinting for me. I was ready to die until Trix yelled treat. Then that snarling demon turned into a cuddly puppy with his tongue out. We go in and there is a stench almost like a skunk.

“Steven get over here, I got something for you,” Trix says in an innocent voice

“Yea yea,” I say as I get up

“Looky here Steven. This stuff will blow your mind. Take away your sadness and just make you happy.” He says while pulling out a bag of needles

While I knew what heroin was from all the drug assemblies and them saying that they are bad and what to watch out for I really didn't know what to do or if it was even actually heroin.

“What's that”

“Ahh steven you have a lot to learn. You see this is something that will change your life in the best way possible, try some”

“DUDE! No, I ain't about to stick a needle in my arm I don't even know what it is.

“It's just heroin like for real it's not even that bad the government just says it is cause they are sad they ain't makin the moneys.”

Then his crew jumped in again

“Trix, did you forget he is a baby?”

“Yea with his teddy bear and bl-”

I cut in “ Will you guys shut up already fine I'll try it.”

This was the worst decision I have ever made, but at this time, I couldn't handle insults, heck I could barely handle myself. I had scars running down my arm and a tear soaked pillow. So I took the deal and did the worst thing of my life.

“Dude isn't this stuff great man,” Trix says almost slurring

“I don't know man it just doesn't feel right” I reply worried

“It's cause it's your first time just accept it. It’s a lot better that way.”

“Ok man.”

Almost right after I said that I fell asleep and woke up at the same spot I was at. But no one was there and the car was gone. I was ticked I started walking. Almost took two hours to get home. When I got home my mom flipped, so I went to my room and just slept past dinner. I woke up in the middle of the night. I had an extreme craving for something and I didn't know what for. I tried eating, I ate some cereal, candy, ice cream, anything I could find but it was still there. Then it hit me, I needed heroin.

I sneak out of my house without making a single noise,  stepping past all the creaky boards. I start up my car and make my way to the house. I have memorized the path from having to walk home. When I get there I hop out and Trix walks out with and excited look.

"I knew you would come back for more.” He says.

"Dude, I don't like this I just want to live normally!"

" And what? Live in your depressed life, not talking to anyone. Getting your happiness from tear soaked pillow and a razor blade?"

“Well . . . I . . . Fine, how much do you want for some?"

"On the house."

He gave me three needles and a spoonful of heroin and I made my way home. I should've just told my mom, but then again she would probably just yell at me and send me to my room. This thought made me cry, so when I got home, I took the needles and went to my room. I looked at the clock and it was three in the morning, so I took a needle heated up the spoon and put it in my arm. After I took it out things got weird. It wasn't  weird like the last time, but bad weird. I fall to the floor, it gets hard to breathe, the light starts fading, I try to yell, but I can barely breathe, let alone yell, I get one more breath then it's dark.

That was the moment all of those bad decisions led to. I should've ever even gone to Trix´s house, or let alone took the needle. But what I didn´t know is this was about to hurt my whole family, After I passed out I went into a coma-like state with only minutes to live. Luckily, but unfortunately, my little brother walked in. He went to his knees trying to wake me up. He started crying for mommy because bubby won't wake up. He ran to my mom's bed, she tried to shoo him off, but he didn't stop so my mom knew something was wrong. She ran to my room saw me and started crying, She grabbed her phone and dialed 911. She nearly screamed into the phone to hurry up.

They got there and gave me a shot that revokes the effect of heroin, but it only made my mind angry, angry for taking its high away. I started punching anything near me, including my mom, She stumbles back and starts crying with my brother. I then settle down and end up falling asleep.

When I wake up they had me tied to the bed, I start to scream and shake the straps. The heart monitors started going crazy beeping like a fire alarm. The nurses rush in and try to calm me down, but all it does is enrage me. I start to fling harder, screaming every word I know telling them to let me go. They put something in my I.V and I start getting tired, but before I fall asleep I see my mother and brother crying and that makes me let out a few tears before I fall asleep.

I wake up to a nurse changing my I.V. fluids, but she jumps back expecting me to throw a punch.

"I'm sorry about earlier. I don't know what happened. I am calm now." I apologize

"It´s ok I was just mak-" She starts to say until my mom barges in with my brother.

"What were you thinking! Your brother finds you laying on the floor and comes to me crying saying you won't wake up then I walk in and you're laying on the floor dead with a needle in your arm! What in the world gave you that idea!" As she yells this she starts crying and comes to give me a hug.

"Just please don't do it again. If you need help I will get it for you."

This hit me hard. Not only did she forgive me for scaring her and my brother forever, she wanted to help me. I just started crying onto her shoulder as my brother climbs up and joins in on the hug. All we do is hug for what feels like an hour but is only 5 minutes until the doctor comes in and asks my mom and my brother to leave the room for a second. My mom starts to argue but he tells her it's important that she is not there.

"Steven, I know this is a tough time for you. You had your dad died a month ago and you just got fired from your first job for something you didn't do. I just want to know, why did you do this. I'm sure you knew about all the people that die from this stuff." He asks caringly

"I- I don't know Trix said it would make me feel better. I just wanted to be happy again."

" Who said that?"

"Nevermind he will just make fun of me if I rat on him."

"Steven this is not ratting. This kid almost ruined not just your life but your mom's life. He almost took away the only father figure you brother has left. You can't just let him stay on the streets and keep doing this. He could do the same thing to someone else."

"Ok . . . It was this senior at school. His name is Trix, he kept saying it would make me feel better. Then all his friends started insulting me saying I was a baby. I didn't know what else to do."

"It's ok Steven, other people have had this problem too. You just have to learn how to say no when someone pressures you to do something you don’t want to.”

“Thanks doc.”

He called my mother back in and he talked about signs that would show that I did it again and what to do if she notices it. Then they talk to me about getting help if Trix asks me again. This was a turning point for good in my life. I went home and my mom cooked a dinner and I did my chores. I then went to my bed and slept, without shedding a single tear.

When I woke up I was actually happy. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, and ate breakfast, but my car wouldn’t start so I had to ride the bus. When I rode to school it wasn’t bad. Besides the fact half the middle-schoolers couldn’t seem to stop talking for half a second longer than needed. When I got there I went to class. It was a normal, nice day until waiting for the bus to take me home.

“Ayyyy, Steven, I heard what happened. You gotta be careful how much you use. Here I can gi-” Trix starts to say

“ Dude shut up! I don’t want to see you again in my life! What you are telling me and other people are lies, it doesn’t make you feel better! It makes you feel like you can’t do anything on your own. Like you can’t even be happy on your own, but you can’t escape it.” I start yelling drawing a crowd

“What are you talking about? I saved you from depression!”

“That's not the saving I needed.”

I walked away after that. He kept yelling things but I didn’t care. I looked back and saw a tip of a needle sticking out the bottom of the bag, so I called the cops, I gave them a description and told them to hurry up. I got on the bus, but then I saw cop cars pulling up they jumped out and saw Trix running they chased him into the woods and I lost sight of them. The principal was talking to all the bus drivers so it was taking forever, but then I saw the police dragging Trix out of the woods. One officer talks to my principal and he calls me over.

“Thanks Steven, you really helped and I would like to thank you. Many people who try it can’t give away the person who gave it to them, or they can't stop using it.”  He congratulated me

“Thank you, I don’t want anyone else doing what I did.” I reply

“Well, thanks to you there might not be.”

After he said that he walked off and my mom picked me up. She talked to me about how proud she was. When we got home I went to the living room and hung out with my mom and brother. Then I started crying, but happy tears. To the fact that I could have lost all of my family, and they could have lost me. Not only that, but that I learned to say no. I learned to push away the popular decision for the right decision. Most of all I saved someone else from the sharp pains I went through.


© Copyright 2020 Dennis. All rights reserved.

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