Ideal Abortion Child

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erm this is the first time i've used this, so if my poems aren't very good, u can still comment plz

Submitted: May 03, 2007

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Submitted: May 03, 2007



Mummys a whore,

Daddy likes drugs,

Lisa likes smoking,

mum, what are hugs?

I know that you love me,

why wont you admit it?

you say you like suicide,

and want to commit it.

Daddys always high,

mummys gone everynight,

sleeping for money,

thats a good job dady,right?

Ow, dad! that hurt,

now my arm burns,

you an Lisa put out cigs,

on my skin,you both take turns.

Why didn't mummy come back?

did she work overtime?

what is a murder?

is tht some kind of crime?

Daddy, you left me,

I'm here all alone,

and who turned the lights out?

am i even home?

Someone, please help me!

i haven't ate in days,

i've been abandoned,

i wish you'd change your ways.

My name is Claire-Lou,

I'm 13 months old,

i died a week ago,

and my organs were sold.


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