Corruption by Denver Fredericks

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Commentary on Socialized Behaviour

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012





Preponderant influence and authority over others

Was rooted as the cause of the corruption;

Obvious and calculated control of the another’s

 Bred the insidious and now flailing moral compass


Were once was a stalwart and a direction for action

Now lumbers under the threat of corruption

Knowledge of the players and wealth the attraction

Was skewed and twisted the ideals of the flag


Vying for position and despising the minions

All tactics and backbone of the corruption

The use of the needy and undelivered opinions

Myopic outlook undefined, defer pleasure unheard of


Predisposition to sugar coat lying, stealing and cheating

Fundamentals bred into the new leaders of corruption

Forked tongues, callous hearts prime candidates, creating

To led the mass to their demise yet line themselves with affluence


The reasons for the struggle has flipped and turned

Inverses authorities now lead the apportionment and corruption

The downside the loss of education and control burned

Cause the minds that once terrorises not been amended


Denver Fredericks

Copyright 2012

© Copyright 2018 Denver . All rights reserved.

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