snippets of my psyche

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this are all short snippets of poems, they are really short thus "snippets". all are complete, and i will either add on to this OR i will create a "snippets 2"

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



Sept 9 2010


Those who mock

tease and torment

will one day

beg to repent

but twill be too late

for by then they will be

in their final






Nov 17 2010


Woe to you

woe to those

who threaten and bemoan

a warning for you

the moment you threaten my heart

that day you will rue.



March 2012


One heart in two

One soul split

One mind focused always on you


March 2012


Loss of a heart

You shall pay

For ripping, tearing, breaking

Your blood this land will stain


March 2012


Memories are precious

More than fine gold

Dreams are wonderful

Creating hope eternal





March 2012


Heart strong

Heart long

Heart weak

Heart fail

Long life, short death


28 Oct 2011


Chasing an ideal, a dream

That is simply not me.

I see reality, distorted

No false truths

My perfect life you do not wish to know


31 Jan 2012


my brains messed up
my heart is shattered
ill pick up the pieces tomorrow
as i regain the mask i wear
to protect my friendships
and avoid hurting them
in the end only i am


4 July 2012


spinning around and around
forever lost, never found
path leads in circles
as you continue spiraling down,
down, into darkness
into an eternal circle



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