The Scene

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This poem really bases on how people are today. It's words about feeling like you are different than everyone else, that you only want to be yourself, but it isn't good enough. It also describes the life of a person trying to live in "The scene." This poem basically explains the lives of both sides of the ego wall, and where each life choice leads to.

This is a poem I've written with my girlfriend 5 months ago, 2 months before we started dating, and I have never been happier. :)

Many of thanks to my girlfriend for helping me, inspiring me, and letting me share this poem with you all, half the credit goes to her.

Thanks Sarah.

Submitted: July 15, 2013

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Submitted: July 15, 2013



Imprinted in the dark, no one will ever see,

the life I'm trying to lead, the person I'm trying to be.


My happiness is found, through family and friends

but your happiness is fake, it's coming to an end.


The mask that you've been wearing, will soon show your mistake.

Trying to be someone your not to cover up your hate.

The smile you show will soon break,

the choices you choose will not be the ones I'll make.


Down the lonely road, through this crowded hall,

beyond the laughs and shouts, I'm not standing tall.

Feeling so caught up, the leader of the pack,

how many will you trust before they stab you in the back?

i prefer to be alone, avoiding all the stress.

the party life will kill you before you can clean the mess.


The highs are never worth the lows,

your mind is like a flock of crows,

flying off in all directions,

forgeting what way is home.

Your friends just want to whine and moan,

and leave you stranded all alone.


Sometimes i think twice,but only when i care.

It's my fault when i wonder, why were you not there?


Most people lose it all, trying to be one.

Forgetting who they are, where their life begun.


Depending on their peers, fighting off the tears.

Drinking all their fears, living off the mirror.


It's won't be very long, til your nothing more than gone.

It won't be very long, til you realized your wrong.


The choices that you've made have turned your life to dust,

the tears you keep inside are all starting to rust,

you have people around that have given you there trust,

but yet you keep turning them away, and now your life is bust.


And now your family surrounds you as they lower you into the soft wet ground,

everyone is crying while they're all crowding around.



So remember who you are, one inside the crowd.

The Crowd that's full of cowards, afraid to think out loud.

Love the ones who'd die, for you to move along,

cause afterall the scene, is a path we've chosen wrong.

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