Our Secret

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An English assignment about the pain of secrets.

Submitted: September 11, 2013

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Submitted: September 11, 2013



Our Secret

Nighttime can be a time of peacefulness; it can contain dreams that bring a smile to a young girls face. Night can also be a dark place filled with nightmares and monsters, a place filled with pain, doubt, fear, and regret. Nighttime can also contain dirty, little, secrets.


The secrets of the night disappear as the sun comes up, or at least they become dormant. This specific secret hides heavily in the heart, staying hidden until night comes. This secret is strong enough to ruin a life, and it almost did. It almost took the beautiful life of a young girl.

Every night the young girl would be tucked in by her parents while feeling the love and safety of their presence. The girl had nothing to fear. She knew only innocence; she was naive to the bad in the world.  She would say her prayers then drift into a peaceful sleep.


One night as she lay dreaming of happiness, she was awakened. It was not a sound that woke her up but instead a human. This human- a boy- was someone she trusted. Since he was stronger and wiser than any bully, he protected her. He was her guardian. Little did she know that this boy would turn into a walking nightmare. The young girl went into the night believing in innocence, but when the morning came her innocence was gone. The boy stole it from her. She was too young to understand, but the boy knew what he was doing. He knew better!


That little girl woke up with a secret, a secret that no one should have to carry. The “secret” didn’t happen just once; it grew bigger every week for years. Like the secret the pain grew deeper as well.


As days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, the young girl lost her smile. Her laughter ceased, her physical appearance changed. She put up a wall that no one got through. Along with her heart, he clothes turned black. The blue of her eyes faded, and cuts appeared on her body. She felt alone, how could her own family betray her? The trust she put in her family vanished, all because of one stupid boy.


Her secret grew heavy along with her weights. She thought making herself ugly would stop the secret. It didn’t, instead it just made everything worse. She hated herself, she hated him, she hated her family, and she even hated God. The girl found comfort in nothing. Her grades plummeted; she barely even showed up to school let alone stayed awake during class. Night became a place of horror, of uncertainness. She never slept at night; she stayed awake fearing him. Nightmares were not just bad dreams anymore; nightmares became a real living person.


Many scars later the girl was tired. The secret grew too heavy; her wall was slowly crumbling. It only took three words to get rid of the secret. Those three words saved her life. She was surrounded by people she trusted and she felt like she could finally speak, finally free herself of the dreadful secret. It was a shock to the people she told. “[He] raped me,” were the three words that started a whole new journey. The secret was finally free; it was no longer a secret.


It took years to free that secret. It wasn’t easy for the girl, it still isn’t. The aftermath hurt as much as the secret itself. The girl doesn’t trust him, she doesn’t like him, but she forgave him, and that is the best she can ever do. 

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