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Ominous. Forth bringing light of change, a direct and obsolete emotion. One which brings joyous times to a deprived life of unbearabable lonliness. You were the different change; one so different it affected the cold one. Beautiful and bright yet forever changing the way I had been. Eyes filled with joy once around the crush; A child playing with the toy she loved except the toy had a personified view. Bringing everything in him out. Becoming the friendly one and flirtatious side to become the cuddly bear whom hugged your soul to breath warmth into my soul. A connecting bond not severed even when one has moved so far away. A missed feeling of lonliness; misplaced now in the hands of charred hands. Seeking the 'blue' light ambient rays glaring at my face with the bubbly smile on her face; placing the hands of a goddess into the dark soul again vanquishing the dark powers within.

True story-- Change of life. Happiness. Warmth. Caring. The one who liked..

Submitted: November 21, 2013

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