Meeting Dad in Prison

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Robert Cunningham is a man in his mid 20s who yearn to meet his dad for the first time. The problem is the man's dad is in prison. Robert goes to visit his father, but things don't quite so as he envisioned them and soon find himself in a world of trouble in order to seek the truth regarding his father and the past.

Submitted: May 10, 2014

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Submitted: May 10, 2014



Robert Cunningham suddenly awakes to the sound of his alarm blaring. 7:40 the time reads in big red letters. Robert switches the alarm off and pulls the covers back with his other hand. Robert sits on the side of the bed with his feet hanging over the edge. He rubs his eyes and takes a minute to wake himself up. This is the day Robert will head to the state penitentiary to visit his father for the first time. Robert is now a grown man in his late 20s, but his father was convicted of the murder of three people back when Robert was only an infant. His father received a life sentence and his mother never allowed Robert to visit him. His mother thought it was better if Robert never saw the mess his father put himself in, but Robert has been thinking lately and wants to visit his father and see how they are alike. Robert got out of bed, showered, ate breakfast, and got dressed. Robert wore a nice blue polo shirt with freshly ironed khaki pants.

When Robert arrived at the state penitentiary he made his way to the reception area and asked to see his father, whom he had arranged to visit that day. Robert was very nervous and a little hesitant to what may unfold in a few minutes. The guard buzzed Robert through the door and he was allowed in. The guard looked at Robert and chuckled, “I’m guessing this is your first time visiting someone here?” Robert kept his hands folded in front of him and responded very politely to the guard, “yes sir.” The guard chuckled again and he looked Robert up and down. “These guys are animals. You don’t need to dress nicely and be polite around them. These scums are here for a reason. They are the waste society send us.” Robert swallowed hard, unable to think of anything to say in response. The guard opened up a door after he swiped an idea card. The two of them walked down a long corridor. The hallway was filled with rooms on each side. The rooms contained doors with small windows to peer into. “This is only where we hold prisoner who are expecting visitors,” the guard blurts out. “They normally stay in way worse conditions than these. We don’t warm them to feel any sort of comfort here.” Robert kept looking into each window as they passed, but none held any prisoners. The guard stopped in front of a door and turned around to face Robert. The guard just looked at him without saying anything. “Is there a problem, sir?” Robert asked. The guard wiped his face with his hand, then proceeded to talk, “Your father is one crazy dude. I’m not sure what you’re trying to prove by seeing him, but don’t let him get inside of your head.” Robert nodded in approval. The guard swiped his card then opened the door wide open, allowing Robert to walk in. Robert entered into the room and saw a man sitting with his back facing Robert. The man was chained down to a chair with a table placed in front of him. On the other side of the table was a chair for Robert. The man had a full orange jumpsuit with the name Cunningham on the back in black letters, a shaved head, and tattoos on his neck and arms. Robert walked around to the other side of the table and took a seat. “Um, hello dad. I’m your son, Robert.” The man kept his eyes looking down, with a big scowl on his face. The man seemed to not even notice Robert entered the room. Robert looked up to the guard, but the guard swung the door shut, leaving them two alone. “I never talk around these bastards,” the man muttered in a low, but deep voice. Robert seemed a little worried as he responded, “Why not?” The man had a slight grin as he looked up at Robert in the eyes. “These guys are all little punks who were bullied in their youth. Now it’s their turn to play bully.” The man chuckled some more, “but one of these days when they are least expecting it, I’m going to kill one and just laugh. We will see who the bully is then.” Robert suddenly became very tense and a little uneasy. “Don’t worry boy I won’t hurt you, I only hurt those who deserve it. You’re a clean kid with a promising future. What would I accomplish from killing someone like you?” Robert didn’t want to answer his question. The man leaned forward a bit in the chair. “Look at me,” he said. Robert still kept his eyes down. “I said look at me!” He yelled at the top of his lungs. Robert jumped and sat straight up in his chair. “Didn’t you learn to respect you’re elders?” the man asked. Robert nodded his head. “Yes I did,” he spoke in a shaky voice. The man bobbed his head up and down, “Good, then listen to what I ask.” Robert closed his eyes, wishing this experience would soon come to an end. “What did they say I’m in here for?” Robert quickly responded, “For killing three men.” The man sat back in his chair, seeming to be confused by his response. “What do you think I’m in here for?” the man asked. Robert again responded quickly, “for killing three people.” The man grinned as he looked Robert dead in the eye. Robert’s glance caught the man’s, but quickly peered away, not wanting to make eye contact. “You’re a wise kid.” Robert closed his eyes again.

“Do you have any paper and a pen?” the man asked. Robert pulled a pen from his pocket and a small piece of paper as well. Robert then held them out to hand them over. The man knocked both out of his hand, “I didn’t ask you to hand it to me!” he screamed. Robert sat terrified. “Now pick it up,” he then calmly said. Robert obeyed. “Now please hand it here,” the man politely requested. Robert slid in across the table, moving his hand back quickly in fear that he would be grabbed. “I can’t harm you, these chains won’t let me leave this chair.” The man straightened out the crumbled up piece of paper, then popped the cap off the pen, allowing the cap to fall to the floor. “I’m going to write on this a name of a person that you need to see. I’m not going to be around too much longer so this is vital for you to visit this person in order to find out the truth about me. What they say is not true. I’ve never killed anybody. It was all a set-up, but this name I write down will explain that to you and protect you from falling into the same trap because they are coming for you.” Robert didn’t know what to say. The man wrote down a name. The door then opened as the guard came back in. “Play time is over,” the guard said as he entered the room. Robert looked up at the guard and politely asked, “Can we just have a few more minutes.” The guard looked at Robert dumbfounded, then made his way towards him. “You’re on my time and when I say play time is over, that means it is over now.” The guard noticed the piece of paper. “Looks like we have a little game of tic-tac-toe.” The guard walked over towards the man. The man suddenly grabbed the pen with one hand, and grabbed the guard by the other. He slammed the guard onto the table and stabbed his neck with the pen. Over and over the man stabbed the guard’s neck until the guard fell to the ground motionless. Robert jumped out of his chair and pinned himself up against the wall, horrified.

“Run, get out of here as fast as you can and see the name on this paper. This is the end of my time here, but this had to happen,” the man calmly said as he remained seated in his chair. Robert bolted for the door. “Grab the sheet of paper!” the man screamed. Robert ran back into the room, grabbed the piece of paper and stuffed it into his pocket, then bolted out of the door.

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