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...the erratic mind of a love-struck man.

Submitted: March 11, 2014

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Submitted: March 11, 2014



Ravishing as always- Halima

She invades the farthest niche of a once pillaged heart

Oh were my words not smeared with oil

I would have told of her bugle eyes

As it held hostage my tongue- on a skewer-

From selfishly drawing the well of lips

She so kept hidden from several acts of men.

I see them roaming the streets of her tender heart

Praying to find a place of rest

But there remains no place of rest

For a man whose heart is caught within a symphony of baby dreams

Trapped in the fiber of eternal love

He earnestly awaits the birth of the morrow-

Hoping to find his beloved

Draped in purple skylight,

Her smile reels him on like the milky way

Millions of centuries away, he embarks.

Causing him to wonder all by himself

Into a forest of ideas- which only the gods knew the exits.

He dreams of butterflies

The sweetness that exudes from his chambers

Bears with it

A tale of many sleepless nights conjured upon

A truck load of deliquescent thoughts.

Oh were my words not smeared with oil

I would have enthroned the deities

Resident in the many stars I now see

Flourish her eyes

Her perfumery reminiscent of my

Many long night tutelage under the intense gaze

Of a college of lamp stands

The misty air always telling stories

Long after her silhouette draws the black curtain

Over the perilous mind of this temptous lover.

I remember our first kiss by the sea

Crabs marching by the sea side, often

In a thousand tides pour out the soul of the night

Into a freshness never seen before

-Her love- kept me by the wishing well

More of her arms

Around my stiffened stretch of African neck

Oh the shrills- the fire

That burns so much within- the passion that drives me

More of her temple gently thudding

On my slain bosom- my bosom- a lifeless block of ice

Now a forest of fire flies

(a dance of the scarecrows in the Scarborough alley)

I see her and that’s all I ever see

In this kingdom by the sea…



Come my baby, let’s go on a ride

Let’s do the tango as we did in my dreams

For I felt you real close

As a coxswain is to his dying boat

You kept on smiling and sighing

The voice I miss so much my love

Your songs in my dreams held me tight

Like the army of God

And like the army of God, never left me unpunished- so many

Other nights of so many other dreams-

A surreptitious pluck on my beards, a drop

Of soulful wits and kissets lining my lips, a frisk

Of my pockets, of youthful desires

You loved me with all of you- as I you-

See us charge towards the yellow sun

Boisterous, buoyant- like the army of God-

Like we did in my dreams”.



And in this kingdom by the sea I see again- Halima

Then my heart leap for joy

In the similitude of angelic worship

I heard her voice knock- so clear- so noisy

And her smile obsequious to the many rants

My puzzled face paints out to nature’s audience

She looked at me through the passing mob

And with a gentle wave of hand

Beckoned my slipshodness to her welcome-

-I grope on a just cause-

Her perfumery now only a quarter of a kiss away

My eyes yet shut dead- my itchy hands

Cupping her neck with a blood rush- lips glued

Like we did in my dreams

Oh were my words not smeared with oil

I would have told of her rapturous delight

In that kingdom by the sea.




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