Rebecca Part IV

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Follow up of Rebecca Part I, II and III


I am Rebecca. Few months ago, I dropped my body in an Earth-bound shuttle while coming back from Moon. The shuttle was crashed on the East Coast of North America after being hit by meteors. There were only few lucky survivors, I was not one of them. But my new parents were. 

At the time, my limbs were cut, my chest was torn and my neck was broken. There was no way that anyone could stitch or glue them back together, so I had to drop it. But before I gave myself a final kick on the butt, I saw a man who was protecting a woman with heavy bleeding from her thighs. She was losing her baby. Her wailing and his pleading to live was astounding and touching, I knew there was an unbreakable bound between them, and I decided to help. At the time I was only ten years old. I would surly like to have a new body to have my life back and to have fun again, but I had a question.

How did you get a woman pregnant when she had a known defective womb? Lots of real intimacy? Or IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization)? That was the question. 

I don't recommend IVF. There are few reasons for that: 
One, you never know where the sperms or eggs come from, when we already can't be sure of the origin of the sperms when natural insemination is occurring. 
Two, the process of fertilization is inhuman, as it involves with needle, injection, chemical and drugs. Even the baby is born, you seem to be able to see the scars of the treatment, sometimes it can just be right in the middle of eyes. 
Three, there is a confusion of mothership, if you have to borrow another woman's womb to grow the embryo in. Does the baby call the origin of egg or the womb or the tube Mother? 
Four, I am not going to be too technical or pedantic here to scare everyone off. 

So, I recommend lots of real intimacy i.e. sex. Especially natural and romantic ones. Stress free, drugs free, a good guarantee of successful hormones production for fertilization. And the body will take care of the rest, defective or not. Trust me, it works. (But it is not for the people with alphabets of L.G.B.T or its other combinations.)

And that was exactly what Rosa needed. She was too stressful even before the Earth-bound shuttle got crashed and nearly killed her. She lost her baby at the time. But that did not mean that she could not have another baby again. She just needed to relax and had good nutrition and rest, and lots of real sex then she would be alright.  

But it was not an easy job, as she was actually in travail after the crash and the miscarriage thereafter. It was her third or fourth time of loss of a baby by the look of that. As it is always the third time of the same thing pins a person down. Having intimate physical contact became a restimulation for her. As she read having sex equaled loss of baby equaled danger equaled death. She was experiencing PCS (post-catastrophe syndromes. If there was such a word or syndrome without having me to make it up.) As far as I had observed she even distasted kissing and hugging, those innocent acts. 

My solution to such a problem was not forcing her to have sex with George or any man, as it would foul up everything, but to convince him that she was the one will bring her a baby or two. Just like Saint Mary's virgin birth to Jesus. Of course, I was not a God, so I would have to make it happened through the real humanoid way. They had to have lots of stress free and romantic sex. And the body and I would take care of the rest. 

So, I visited George at nights as a no-body. I wouldn't call myself "ghost" just because I wondered about without a body. I was a sprit and still sane enough to know what I happened to me and what I wanted to do, even I just lost my body in the crash and determined to have another new body from George and Rosa's offspring. 
Before I closed my eyes in that shuttle, I believed what I saw and I knew he would sacrifice everything just for her. They were in love, but it was she had to make the change. And I decided to help them.

Into his dream I told him my wishes that I wanted to help Rosa pregnant again and I wanted to their kid, I even projected my own picture of before-I-became-no-body to show him how I would look like. He saw me as a ten years old girl in a football T-shirt alright. Wasn't he? (Rebecca 1) First few times, he thought it was just a dream, but I made myself more real to him by covering my energy field over his face and chest, and there of course, to make him felt being touched. It worked, every time I did that, he would say, 'I had a very strange dream.' And Rachel, George's colleague, a woman with dark-green eyes heard that. And she knew I had met my Dad, George, before I was born ten years later when we first met at the Science Convention. Was’t she? (Rebecca 3) 
After I knew he could feel my touch, I visited him often and got him to know and believe that a spirit, I, wanted to have a new body from him and Rosa, and be part of their family. Yes, you could say I haunted him. But I only haunted him in a way that he felt being loved and in love. Who said all ghosts were poltergeists. There was good hearted one too. Like me. 
He proposed to her for three times. I would spare the details here (or it would appear in another separate story, if anyone is interested to know.) Last time, he simply sent a message through her palm that “The Queen of the Ring has been found. Yes?” while he was flying by her saucer in the sky, and her reply “Yes” with its horn that talked.
They married happily after. But her hope had dropped to zero after all the past  failures to conceive or keep the babies, despite she did try, one or two times. Her   confidence and her willingness to make the change stood some improvement, I would say. Out of desperation, I haunted her and kept her up too. 
It was a good advantage of a "no-body" to go inside a person to create some sensations. In this case were wanted sensations. It came up with sweet dreams for both of them and their further acts after that each time I did that. At Rosa's final medical test, she did get pregnant, wasn’t she? (Rebecca 2)
I helped to nurse Rosa’s body and my new body inside her. While at the same time I had to fend other “ghosts” off to safeguard my new body when it was about to be born. Well, I won and here I come. Rebecca. I am now eleven years old, here to tell you a story of my between lives. 

Submitted: June 02, 2019

© Copyright 2022 Derina Peng. All rights reserved.

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An interesting take on reincarnation, Derina.

Sun, June 2nd, 2019 8:21pm


Cheeky way of writing. But believe or not, the experience of being visited was real, same as thereafter pregnancy.

Sun, June 2nd, 2019 1:53pm

tom mcmullen

Good Story Derina, yes you're right IVF is abused it should not be used by members of the strange alphabet!

Sun, June 2nd, 2019 9:10pm


Thank you. I don't think it should be used in normal couples either.

Sun, June 2nd, 2019 3:51pm

Vance Currie

Very well written, Derina. You have a wonderful imagination. I enjoy stories like this.

Sun, June 2nd, 2019 10:43pm


Ha. Never better than yours. Yous will be what I always admire of. Don't think you trust this stuff tho' .I just let it out, some parts of the story are real.

Sun, June 2nd, 2019 3:50pm

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