The Search For Veronica

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story about an author and what a book might accomplish. May we have peace on Earth.

Submitted: April 29, 2019

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Submitted: April 29, 2019



Teddi Richmond smiled the smile of extreme satisfaction of someone who had done a good job. The job that she had done was the completion of her trilogy of the "Search for Veronica". 

Teddi pressed the Save button and the manuscript was now safely stored and automatically emailed to her publisher, who she knew would waste no time, in the proof reading, editing and printing of the best-selling trilogy, the smell of money, the greater incentive. 

Switching off her computer and tossing the styrofoam cup of coffee (Teddi's all the practical and very economical) into her waste paper basket. She swiveled around and was about to pick up her suit case when the "What Who" stuttered out of her mouth. 

The "What Who" stood as a not quite a man who was attempting to inhabit the shape of a man but not quite making it.

Teddi didn't scream. Her mind did a double twist, couldn't make anything of it or any universe. She did the next best thing and closed down. She did a graceful flop and slid to the floor. 

The first inkling of that there was something wrong was at the check in center at London's Heathrow International Airport, where one of the staff commented on the fact that Teddi Richmond had not checked in. Check in data was checked and double checked. 

'No, Sir. Definitely not checked in.'

'Strange,' said the other who was the senior of the British Airways check in staff. 

'Isn't she due for that Writers Conference in New York?'

'That is right sir. Strange that she hasn't checked in. We know she hates queues.' 

'OK, give her a ring, and keep me informed' 

In Teddi Richmond's house, the cell phone beeped and beeped. 

BA's New York flight left London's Heathrow on schedule, without Teddi Richmond. 

At two pm the same day, Gloria Thomson the twice a week cleaning lady peddled her bike up the drive and parked it up against the side wall of Teddi Richmond's Cottage. 

The normal calm and cheerful features showed a worried look about them. 

'Well there's a thing now' she voiced in her north country accent, 'her car is still here.'

Still quite puzzled, she hesitated at opening the front door. She rang the bell and waited the bell and waited and waited. Minutes passed and she rang the bell again. 

She opened the door. The expected buzz of the alarm never came. Now she knew that something was wrong. 

Closing the door, she phoned for help. 

Help came in the form of the local policemen. 

From there it of course escalated no body was found. The city police came and went. Reporters came and went. Then the news stories and TV reports of this like something Dame Agatha Christie, the famous author who had mysteriously gone and then just as mysteriously reappeared. 

However, while all this was going on. Teddie awoke, or more accurately speaking, came conscious. 

Through stages of wake and sleep, she slowly became aware of her surroundings. 

Slowing she became aware of the fact that she was still in clothes that she remembered she was wearing when! 

When? How long ago was that? she thought. No way of knowing, no way of telling. 

The thing that she was lying on was comfortable and pleasantly warm. The air was breathable. Her living space was like a dome. 

She noticed that the color of the done was changing color from a silver to gold to a light blue. And back to silver and then the color repeated. 

'Hello, is there any one there?' She asked. 

A near humanoid voice which pleasant in tone answered. 

'Teddi Richmond, we are pleased that you have regained full consciousness.' 

'Where am I and who are you?'

'You are not on you own planet.'

She took a deep breath. 

'You are safe Teddi Richmond and no harm will come to you for your short stay. A food of substance comparable with your body chemistry will be with you shortly.' 

The voice cut off and materializing through the domed wall floated a platform. 

All doubts about not being on Earth disappeared at seeing the platform floated to where she sat. On it a bowel full of some thick soup like food. 

The voice spoke again, 'You will find it pleasantly filling and sweet tasting.'

Surprisingly, she felt very nourished. 

'Now,' she said, 'some answers, why am I here?' 

'Quite simply the Emperor likes your story in the Search of Veronica and would like to meet you.' 

'The Emperor likes my book and I've been brought against my will to some place in the galaxy, because he likes my book!' 

The little food table made a hastily retreat and through the dome. 

'I am very apologetic Teddie Richmond, you will be adequately recompensed from Galactic Publishing' 

Teddie thought that this was getting ridiculous and pinched herself in the mid-waist chance that this was all a dream. Unfortunately, it wasn't the case and only ended in a growing bruise. 

The voice continued as if the past few moments had not happened. 'Galactic Publishing is the largest publishing center and your books have been consumed and will be consumed by all the known intellectual worlds. Billions and billions of consumers. 

For the first time, she realized that this conversation was been conducted in English. The thought flittered in and around her mind and her almost spoken words died on her lips as one of those why bother inconsequentials. 

'This Emperor, your boss, when will I see him? Is he or it outside? Do I walk up to him?'

'Oh, no, no. Outside you would instantly die. He will be here shortly.'

The picture faded. Teddi waited, walked about her domed enclosure wondering what was outside. Gathering little coureage she had, she thought even the police woman hero in her book had more go than she had. 

She touched the skin of the dome, it was like pushing in a nothingness. The finger went in and stopped against an unmovable force. 

A pleasantly sounding music filled the dome. 

This is it she thought. The great moment, an Earth woman meeing with the great leader. 

She turned to the sound. The dome wall again had morphed. 

Everyone's picture of their favorite grandfather smiled down to her. 

'Teddie Richmond I am very pleased to meet you. I have been very intrigued by your most invigorating story of a determination of one to find the truth.'

She just couldn't believe what she was hearing and seeing. 

'The main character this Detective Sarah Swan and her relentless search for this Veronica.' 

She stood in amazement at what she was hearing and could only nod in agreement. 

'I look forward in consuming more of this Sarah Swan. Will you do me the honor?' 

'Yes, of course, Your.'

'Names and titles do not matter in this wilder scale of existence. We are a long living race. And have long past the need of bodies except where it becomes necessary. Your race will journey into the stars. There are many planets which are like yours and races like you. And one day in the long tomorrow you race will meet them in peace.' 

Teddi bowed her head in acknowledgement. 

'Now I must go and you will be home.' 

The picture faded and she fingered away a tear, two tears. 

Teddi reappeared on Earth in a quiet village on the cornish seaside. As just as mysteriously as she had disappeared. 

She dedicated her books in her remaining years of her life to her far away friends. 

She knew what she needed to do with her words.

And a mystery which she would never reveal.


© Copyright 2020 Derina Penn. All rights reserved.

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