The West Hill

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Short story of trevor. and his thoughts of the day.

not really a nice guy... and yeah

just giggle at him

Submitted: September 12, 2014

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Submitted: September 12, 2014



The West Hill

Chapter 1

Turning the key revealed a large and open store Trevor stepped in locking the door behind him.  It was a good weekend Trevor thought; he had gained a lot, and developed some insight into the deep dark and, Mysterious happenings of his neighbours so called friendship attempts.

In the last few weeks they have started insulting him with their persistent presence.  This really disgusted him to his core!  And he had relayed this message to his priest last Sunday who didn’t really seem to get the message.“They have a green house, their dogs name is Skip!!”  This line seemed to confuse the priest.  But that couldn’t bother Trevor, mostly cause the priests shoes were way to tacky.  And in Trevor’s opinion he enjoyed the man to man hugs way too much.

The store was the only real place Trevor felt at home.  He was the owner of famous book store that sat on the main road in a small town called Jenkins.  The town was mostly knows for their sandy beaches and great night clubs.Both of whom disgusted Trevor, as it bred dirty people “People who painted their houses Green and tried to make friends with people”Trevor said aloud.He had a funny feeling that his neighbours had been brother and sister before they were man and wife.  And he seriously contemplated reporting them to the police.Nothing would give him a greater pleasure as to admit to them that he had done it. 

Trevor came from an extremely rich family who had all died suddenly, leaving Trevor with a large inheritance.  Which was a good coincidence as the book store hadn’t made a profit in five years. And Trevor only kept it going so that he had a reason to get up.Trevor would be going away for two days and he made a point to come in bright and early.  He wanted to make sure Jeff was scared out of his mind before the trip.“I really don’t trust that man” Trevor mumbled under his breath.  Not that Jeff had ever stolen anything from the store, and to be honest he was a really hard worker that has never been late.  Trevor just never really liked black people and that was enough reason to hate the man.

Giving his last instructions to Jeff and the hardest look he could muster he got into his car and left for the west Hill hotel.

Chapter 2

Trevor hated this time of the year.  His parents really were molesting him from the grave and that wasn’t a nice thing to do in Trevor’s opinion.Before Trevor could touch a dime on his inheritance he had to sign a contract that he had to stay for one night at the West hill Hotel in the next town called Levering once a year.And if it couldn’t get any worse he had to spend an hour talking to a man called MR Fred.Trevor had never met this man before in his life, but now he had to spend an hour a year with this man.  All Fred ever wanted to talk about was how he hated his wife and whether Trevor was interested in splitting the cost on an expensive prostitute.  What were his parents thinking forcing him to do this? It was all way to much effort and it depressed Trevor even thinking about it.

Going into the hotel he started unpacking his clothing.This really was a low class place Trevor thought looking closely.  It was better suited for poor honeymooners then people in Trevor’s class.  This is probably one of the reasons why Trevor never got married.  “Females were all just dirty Hookers” was one of Trevor’s favourite lines.He did try and date once; it was a cute girl at university.  They had dated for about 4 years and one day she had the nerve to try and take of his pants.  Well Trevor had put his foot down hard and chased her out of the building calling her a “Raging Slut!!”This was a good memory Trevor though smiling while he unpacked his clothing.  After that day he stayed away from the dirty sex and focussed on more important things in his life like reading and advocating for the “death to gays”campaign.The name was Trevor’s idea; he really could sound poetic when he wanted to.

Sitting down for dinner he thought he would get himself a drink before the infamous Fred arrived.  Trevor was never a hard drinker, he almost never passed out and spent most of his nights calling random numbers in the phone book, and then just hanging up. But this was a special occasion so Trevor thought he might just indulge himself to loads mind numbing happiness.

Walking up to the table Fred gave Trevor a warm hug from behind.The man really had no personal space, and he stayed there behind Trevor grinding away for a few seconds.  Taking a seat Fred gave him a big smile. The man was ether on fuck loads of antidepressants or just slightly dowsindrome as that smile never faded away.  Trevor decided to down his drink as to be able to stand the man’s continues ramblings.  It jumped around from the weather, the army and to weather gay people should be allowed into the army.  Last part Trevor thoroughly agreed on.

Eating as fast as he could he downed another few drinks and hurried to his room, using the walls as support.He sat in his room for an hour or 2 singing old love classics. He really wished he was married so that he could get divorced.“Sweet Sweet disappointment” he thought to himself.

Chapter 3: the final Chapter

Driving home the next morning he couldn’t be happier.He was free for another year, and they had just announced of the radio that Pluto still wasn’t a real planet.Trevor never liked Pluto; the name was way to gangster for his taste.  “Why didn’t they just name the rock Tyrone” he thought sarcastically.

All and all it was a good day. He was back home.And free for another year.  Things were really looking up for Trevor.


Trevor Died of a heart attack at exactly 1: 00 in the Morning.


The Only people who attended his funeral were his neighbours.


The End :)

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