Giselle Ramsley- Part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
The second part.

Submitted: October 04, 2008

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Submitted: October 04, 2008



When she arrived back at the mansion at dusk, her dinner was interrupted by the familiar vociferous ringing tone that had now caused her to drop her spoon, resulting in a discordant crash. Somehow she suspected that it was the prank caller again. She was right. She was ready to put down the receiver when ---

“I have warned you and you have not taken heed of my warnings. You did not leave this mansion as requested. Your fears shall emerge from the living dead! You will pay, with your life. You will not escape! You will suffer at the hands of the devil himself. You will die ---.”

“Look, STOP CALLING ME okay? Just predicting my doomsday won’t scare me, so you lose, I win. So now that you failed, get lost, okay?”

“But my dear, the terror has not even begun!” and the line went dead again.

At that precise moment, she heard a loud bang, and hurrying to the entrance, she noticed that the door was ajar, seemingly waiting for something to enter. Beyond the entrance gardens, she noticed something in the fountain that was moving. It was running. Towards her. But oh – there were many of them. And then sudden realization hit. These weren’t dogs, these were creatures. Pretty small creatures, in fact. As they bounded closer, she recognized them as the stone gargoyles in the fountain with the exact same evil grins on their faces and they were speeding towards her. With a sudden fear, Giselle dashed inside and tried to push the door. It didn’t budge.

She heaved, and threw her weight on it, but in vain. Finally, she noticed several heads carved out on the door that seemed to actively mock and laugh at her. She kicked one of them, which then let out a squeal of pain. The huge door started to close, and as it was coming to a halt to be bolted, a stone paw wedged its way in-between the gap.

Giselle screamed, letting go of the door. Realizing her mistake, she broke off into a run, trying to escape. She looked over her shoulder. They were gaining on her really quickly. They are fast! Ohhh…..ok I need something big, something to defend myself with. As if on cue, a large, heavily crafted axe hanging on the wall appeared in sight. But a second before she could reach her destination – something heavy landed on her back. Not looking back, she lunged forward, grabbed the axe, and cut off the stone hand that was around her throat. Maimed, the gargoyle went limp and fell to the carpet.

She took a right, and ran down a seemingly endless corridor. She slowed down to a walk, noticing that the cries of the gargoyles ceased. Perhaps I lost them, she thought. But then she let out another scream. Feeling a bit too alone, she had turned around and was immediately face-to-face with a grotesque body. It seemed to have been partly decomposed, as the flesh and part of the bones were either gone or rotting. The stench that filled her nose was irreplaceable, as well as the foul breath that was breathing down her neck two seconds ago.

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