LOST SOUL ( SwirlOfFate Challenge )

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Carla Carlisle, was a sweet girl. Always lending a hand to everyone who needed it... But when Carla needed help, no-one could hear her cry...

Submitted: June 07, 2009

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Submitted: June 07, 2009




By Angellynn

" Mom! " Carla yells for the third time. " Why are you ignoring me? " She cried. Throwing her books on the couch, she heads for the kitchen.

" Mom! " She pouted. " Didn't you hear me calling you? "

Carlas mom keeps washing the dishes, as if she were deaf. She was humming Carlas favorite song, when she was a little girl.

She reaches to touch her moms shoulder, and her hand goes through to the other side. She jumps back in horror, and starts to cry in terror. She looks at her hand, and reaches for her mom again. Carlas mom turns, and dries her hands. Carla could see the weariness in her moms face. As she starts to leave the kitchen, her mom stops, and picks up a picture of her.

Holding it to her heart, she begins to cry, " Oh my sweet baby, how i miss you so."

Tears began to fall from Carlas eyes as she realizes, she was dead. But what happened, why couldn't she remember dying? Was it so horrible, that somehow it was blocked from her memory.." Did she even have a memory?"

Carla sits down, and rewinds her mind to earlier that day. She was at school, in one of the classrooms with Mrs. Anderson. She was helping her put boxes in the closet.

She remembers volunteering to help some of the teachers, to put everything away for the summer. After putting the last box away, Carla ask Mrs. Anderson if there was anything else she needed her to do, before she had to leave.

" No," Mrs. Anderson smiled, " You know, i want to tell you, how wonderful its been having you in my class Carla," placing her palms on her cheeks. " Your such a sweet young lady, and so smart. You'll be graduating next year, and i wish you the best." Mrs. Anderson hugs Carla goodbye, and goes back to packing the last of the supplies.

" Thanks! " Carla smiled, and headed down the hallway. She reached the front entrance, and pushed on the door. It was locked. " Thats strange " she thought. ' They dont usually lock the doors, until everyones left.

Carla decides to go out the other way. " Maybe i'm suppose to use that exit,' she told herself, walking through the halls.

As she walks, her shoes made a clicking sound. They echoed against the walls, and through the halls of the school. Passing by the room she had just left, she noticed Mrs. Anderson was gone. Not giving it much thought, she kept walking. CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! CLICK!

Seeing no-one else was around, she begins to walk faster, click, click, click, click. Carla passes another hall, and sees a picture of a hot air balloon lying on the floor. Looking further down the walls, she notices all the pictures on the right side were moving, as if someone had just ran past them in a hurry.

" Ok! " Her heart started pounding faster, " Whats going on? " She stares down the hall, and yells, " Whos there? " But nobody answered. Carla takes off running to the rear exit. " Please dont let it be locked," thinking to herself. Out of breath, she pushes the door open, and slams it shut behind her.

The parking lot was empty, and it was getting dark. " Thats great! " She said, turning back to the door. " I have to make sure its locked," as she slowly walks towards it. Seeing no-one was around, she quickly gives it a yank.

Suddenly a hand reaches out, and drags her back inside. Kicking and screaming, Carla fights to get free, but the hand had a firm hold on her wrist. She tried to see who had her, as she slid across the floor. Up and down, in and out the halls they dragged her.

Finally reaching the gym, another hand wraps something around her eyes, while the other shoves something in her mouth to keep her quiet.

They tied her hands and feet, and one of them began tearing her clothes off. She tried her best to scream, but it was no use. They raped her over and over again.

After they were finished, she could hear them talking. Her heart was pounding so loudly, she could barely make out what they were saying.

Suddenly they grab her and drag her again. This time they pull her outside, and put her in the trunk of their car. She was terrified, " What are they going to do with me? " She kept thinking. She timed the drive, and then the car stops. She could smell a fishy odor, and realized they were on a bridge, that crossedthe river.

" Oh my god! " She thought, scared as hell. " Their going to throw me over! "

The trunk opens, and they yank her out. Carla kicked, and squirmed, trying to get away. Just as they shoved her over the edge, the thing that covered her eyes came off, revealing her murderers.Then she felt herself falling, and finally she hits the water. Thats all she can remember about her death.

Carla touches her face, but it was only blank space. She had no sense of feeling. She had to find peace,or her soul would be lost in darkness forever.

She wasn't scared anymore, just sad. She didn't have a chance to tell her mom goodbye. It made her weary, and uneasy.

Carla goes to her moms room, and there she was, lying on the bed. She had cried herself to sleep, holding the picture of Carla in her arms. She kneels down beside her, and whispers, " mom, can you hear me? I miss you, and love you, so much." She reaches to brush a curl from her moms face, then suddenly her mom sits up.

Starring around the room, she questioned, " Carla, sweety! I can smell you, are you here? " her moms eyes were distant.

Carla wanted so badly to let her know she was... But how? Then she gets an idea...

Her mom lies back on the bed, and starts to cry again. It hurt Carla to see her this way. So she goes in the bathroom, and turns on the shower. When the steam filled the room, it made a foggy film on the mirror. Carlas mom hears the shower, and jumps out of bed.

She grabs a baseball bat, and tiptoes to the bathroom. She slowly opens the door, and peers in. A surprised look comes over her face, when she realizes no-one was there. Then suddenly her heart jumps up in her throat, when she saw the words written in the mirror.


Carlas mom cried tears of joy, knowing her precious little girl was at peace, and the names of the men who took her life.

Carla was ready, ready to take her final journey. She knew the monsters who took her life, would pay for what they did to her. But more importantly, her soul will finally be at rest.

© Copyright 2019 angellynn. All rights reserved.

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