Operation: Snake Charmer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

The most notorious criminals in the state have declared war on the government by assassinating the Governor. But gathering in mass at their underground hangout to celebrate will turn out to be a FATAL mistake.


Unlike the uptown clubs with their velvet ropes that parted only for the rich and famous the Snake-pit’s door policy only excluded guests who lacked felony convictions.  But no pimply faced chain snatchers, low down corner thugs or habitual sex offenders were welcome through its doors.  The Snake-pit only catered to the state’s most accomplished of criminals.  Here hired killers, master thieves and racketeers of note rubbed shoulders and banged elbows over shots.  

They partied in force to celebrate the assassination of the new “tough on organized crime” Governor, Abe Golden.  At the first stop on his itinerary Golden was machine-gunned mid speech on a podium while visiting a children’s hospital built specifically for the victims of gun violence.  It was a harsh message from the criminal element to law enforcement and the citizenry, stating clearly they weren’t going anywhere, ever.

Outside gangster groupies massed in front of the club even more desperate than usual to get in.  Given these turbulent times it was understandable; violent crime had become epidemic and young women were easy prey for the more heinous criminals.  So these groupies sought out the most feared and connected of thugs figuring they would make the best providers and protectors.  The bevy of beauties clamoring to get in became too much for the Snake-pit’s patrons to ignore so the door policy was relaxed a bit to liven up the party.  Still the girls were thoroughly scanned for any weapons or electronics.

The hard guys hollered and hooted when the parade of hotties entered.  The girls weren’t shy to mingle, when the DJ dropped a beat everybody paired off to dance.  Except for one statuesque raven haired lovely lady who broke away from the pack and headed towards the restroom.  She was an extremely beautiful woman but her most striking feature was her full lips painted a glossy fluorescent black.

Domingo De Manana the infamous drug lord from the Suramerican Empire was sick of the cookie cutter blondes that usually frequented this place so he noticed her exotic beauty right away.  He grabbed her wrist gently but firmly as she walked past him.  She stopped and smiled but her muscles coiled ready to strike.

“Where you off to chica the party just started.”  Domingo asked her while he pulled her toward him.

“Just going to the little girl’s room real quick, be right back papi.” She smiled.

“You can hold it in or pee on yourself for all I care mami but we gonna have this dance first.”  he pulled her in tight and began to dance with her. 

She looked around at the hundreds of made men surrounding them, she had no choice but to go along with it.  She was on a tight schedule and she was counting down the seconds in her head.  She would have to improvise.  He was grinding his pelvis on her so she grinded back even harder.  She felt him getting excited against her thigh, she took the lead and guided him towards a darkened alcove, he didn’t resist.  She put his back to the wall, away from prying eyes.

“Yeah baby...” A moaning Domingo said feeling like he won the pussy lottery.

She smiled and went in for the kiss sucking his mouth in, his tongue worked overtime trying to keep up with her.  She undid his zipper and slid her hand into his pants, gripping his crotch.  He was the man he thought to himself.  Then she bit down on his tongue with force silencing him as she clamped her sharpened fingernails around genitals.  He screamed in her mouth but no one could hear him as she bit through his tongue.  He struggled against her but her powerful upper body kept him pinned to the wall.  She tightened her fist over his dick and balls and tore them free, right out of his fly.  She held them up for him to see.  In his erect state Domingo bled out quickly and died looking at his junk in the palm of her hand.  His body slid down and slumped over.  She spit out his tongue and the bloody thing stuck to the wall.She wiped his ruined manhood right beside it.  She tore his jacket off, wiped herself clean and walked away calmly.

The countdown still rang in her head.  She was behind schedule so she hurried into the rest room.  Her breathing calmed as she looked in the mirror.  She smiled at her fluorescent black lips and then she wiped them clear.  She pulled out the lipstick from her handbag and removed its' cover.  A few minutes later she stepped out of the restroom and bumped her way through the crowd towards the exit.  She left the club and crossed the ring of security surrounding the joint without incident.  In a nearby alleyway she recovered her earpiece, she activated it.

“Overlord this is Fatal, it’s a go, the target has been painted.” She reported.

“Roger that Fatal, target acquired.  The predator is locked in and releasing its’ payload.  You better clear out now, 30 seconds til impact.”

Fatal jumped on her motorcycle and zoomed off.  A thousand feet above the drone launched its’ missile, it homed in on its’ target; dropping from heaven like the wrath of God. Outside the Snakepit security personnel only watched as high up as the nearest windows of nearby buildings unaware that 100 pounds of high explosive Hellfire rocket was descending on their heads.  Inside the club gangsters were receiving blow jobs while toasting the Governor’s death.  In the ladies’ room two groupies did lines of coke off of the sink while in front of them written across the mirror with Fatal’s chemically treated, laser guiding lipstick were the words PAINT IT BLACK.

The blast decimated the club and the surrounding abandoned warehouses turning them to fiery rubble.  In a flash 476 members of the criminal fraternity and 84 young ladies of ill repute were reduced to ash and bone chip.  The ground beneath Fatal's Ducati shook violently even though she was already nearly a mile away.

The success of the mission was so critical command had left no room for error.  The flourescent black gel's  laser guiding properties only became active when exposed to air.  If Fatal had not been able to paint the target  in time the drone would have launched the Hellfire on schedule and the rocket would have locked on and homed in on her beautiful luscious lips.

Fatal, ever the trooper, when informed of the risk still took the mission without hesitation.


Submitted: August 25, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Derwin Gonzalez. All rights reserved.

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Scott Selkirk

Great story. I wouldn't want to mess with that femme fatale. Not sure who is more sinister-the criminals or the government?

Sun, November 13th, 2016 9:13pm


Exactly, talk about a war on crime... Thanks for reading my story and I look forward to more of your work.

Mon, November 14th, 2016 4:22am

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