Identical Twins Gone Wrong

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Identical Twins meet 2 Identical twins at a party

Submitted: November 12, 2013

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Submitted: November 12, 2013



In the month of November, the students at college throw parties and invite whoever they please. But that is not what had happened. Savannah and Hannah are identical twins and do everything together. One day, Savannah received an invite to a party that involved drinking and partying with older students. Hannah didn’t receive one and was depressed that no one liked her. Savannah told Hannah that she can go with her, since they do everything together. The two girls were driving to the party, flirting with some boys, and accidents happen.

As they drove to Indianapolis, Hannah started thinking. “What if something happens to one of us?”, she asked. “Nothing is going to happen, I promise.” said Savannah. As they drove down the interstate the sun began to go down. The two girls are well dressed and are waiting on the party. Hannah and Savannah were hungry, so they stopped along the way to get them McDonald’s before the party. It was around 6:30 p.m. that the girls arrived at the party. They both climbed out of the car, wearing heels and a long blue and green dress. They walk up to the door and enter in to the party.

The two girls were being checked out because they were in such wonderful dresses and they appear to be stunning. Two twin boys, Austin and Adam, approach the girls and ask them to dance, of course the two girls didn’t resist. They girls dance and dance until they couldn’t feel their feet. Austin took Hannah back to the table just to talk. “What a great dancer you are; I never have danced with a girl that can dance that great”, Austin said. The two sat at the table chit-chatting away. As the two talked, Adam and Savannah approached the table. “Do you mind” asked Hannah. “Nope” said Savannah. “Austin, lets go. We will catch up with you guys later, Okay?” said Adam. “Okay,” says the two girls.

Savannah and Hannah go back out on the dance floor to continue their night. The lights started to dim and they begin to flicker on and off. Everybody at the party started screaming and running around while the two girls stand in the middle of the dance floor looking around. Two tall, skinny boys with masks covering their face, appeared behind the girls. Everyone stopped and stared at the two girls in horror and the two girls didn’t realize there was people behind them.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Guns fired to settle down the partiers. The two boys stood behind Hannah and Savannah and without a chance for the girls to run, the boys kidnap them. “HELP, HELP” Exclaimed Hannah. “They can’t help you, your mine now.” Exclaimed one of the boys.  After a long night of dancing and  having fun, the girls end up in a dark, scary closet that there is no way out of.  As the two girls fight to win the kidnapping battle, they struggle and end up passing out from being so hot.

The two boys leave the girls in the dark, scary closet with no way out.  The door is locked” Hannah said. As the girls approach, the door….boom! The two boys opened the door and scared Hannah and Savannah. “AAAAHHHHH, Who is that?” Asked Savannah. The boys turned on the light and they pulled off their masks and it was Austin and Adam, the two boys Hannah and Savannah fell in love with. As  time permits, they go back out on the dance floor and are asked to dance to the last song. The dancers appear to know what went on and cheered the girls on while they danced and partied their lives away.

Hannah and Savannah both fell in love with Austin and Adam. Austin is dating Hannah and Savannah is dating Adam. The two couples left the party and went to IHop for dinner and they sat and talked for a few hours before they had to split and go back to college. Hannah and Savannah both were upset knowing they both fell in love with two boys that they won’t be able to see after that night. “Well, I guess its time to go..huh?” Said Hannah. As they all started out the door and Savannah started to cry. She never fell so hard for a boy that is going back to college.

Hannah and Savannah talked before they said their goodbyes and they came up with an idea. The two boys go to college there in Indianapolis and the two girls go to college in Lafayette. The two girls, Hannah and Savannah have decided to transfer their credits to Indianapolis to be with the boys. As the night became to an end, the two girls came out and told the boys what their intentions were. The boys agreed that it would be a great idea, and for them to start their lives together.

A few months later, Hannah and Savannah both work at the hospital as secretaries and they both have great boyfriends that are willing to help them through everything. Austin and Adam plan a night to make the girls feel special. Hannah and Austin are engaged and Savannah is quite under the depression because she feels like Adam doesn’t want to be with her anymore. As times comes, Savannah and Adam make it through and end up engaged along with expecting their first child.

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