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Abigail is just trying to live her teenage life but something big is in store for her can she handle the pressure of everyone

Submitted: October 17, 2013

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Submitted: October 17, 2013




I know that I can’t undo anything that has happened to me or make any wishes but I just wish that I could have one wish and just be a normal teenage girl that is all Abigail wants to do but now she can’t because she took on a big role in her career life and not a lot of girls her age could do that. So you probably want to hear my story so this is how it started it was a cold winter Friday and I had school that day and I was so excited because I have choir today and I might be getting a solo in a musical that is coming up in the spring. So I got out of bed and walked into my huge living room and there was words flashing on the T.V. and I saw that it said that a lot of school were delayed or closed and my sister Isabella said that our school was delayed and I looked outside and it wasn’t snowing that hard so I said wake me up in an hour so I can get ready and she said okay. So I went back to bed then I woke up to something licking my face and I sat up and my dog was standing on me licking my face so I got out of bed and looked at the time and it was 8:30 and I walked out to the living room again and I said is school closed yet and Isabella said no but the snow is starting to come down harder and I said do you think school will be closed and she said I hope not because I made plans to go to the basketball game tonight and I said wait that’s tonight and she said um yeah its Friday and I said I thought we were going to go shopping tonight and just spend time with each and she said well we can go tomorrow and I said but they are having a big sale at Kohl’s for only today. And she said well how about this after school will have Trey drive us there and we get what we need and leave and I said oh um okay but we need to tell mom and dad and she said okay go take a shower and will tell them before we leave for school and I said okay so I took my shower and got dressed and Isabella did my hair really cute and Trey our older brother asked if we were ready to go and Isabella said yeah in one minute when I finish eating my cereal. Then she said that she was ready to go so we grabbed our stuff and my mom walked in and I said Isabella and I are going to go to Kholes after school and Trey is going to drive us and my mom said oh okay but be careful on the roads because its really slippery out there. So we said goodbye and walked out to Trey’s car and when we both got in Trey said you really think that I am going to drive you two to Kholes after school I had plans today and I said please it will only take maybe 30 minutes the most I just want to get a shirt and some cute boots and Isabella said the soft boots that are adorable and I said yeah and Isabella said Trey you are driving us to Kholes after school because I need those boots. And Trey said okay but I don’t want to be late to the basketball game and Isabella said you wont be late because we both are going to the game tonight and he said oh I though Abigail was going to stay home and make out with her Zack Montana poster and I said what I don’t make out with him and he said I see you all the time hugging his poster and writing in your little diary about him and I said I don’t have a diary and he said oh well what is that book that you write in all the time and I said that is my um song book and Isabella said why do you need a song book and I said well I want to be a singer when I grow up and be rich and famous and Trey said well we are already rich but not the famous rich and I said I know that but my choir teacher is giving out solo parts for the big musical coming up in the spring and I want to get the lead singing role and Isabella said well I don’t know if you can sing that well like I can and I said you sing all the time and you have talent you should really do something about it. You can be famous to but I don’t think my singing is good enough that I will get the lead role but maybe I will get some singing part. Then Trey said are you guys going to get out of the car since were at School and I said yeah so we got out and the wind picked up and it was freezing and we finally made it into the school and I said remember Trey we need a ride after school today and he said I know I won’t forget then I told Isabella that I would meet up with her at lunch and I went to my first class and after my morning classes right before lunch I finally had choir and I got there late and when I walked in the teacher was already having people sing for her and this one girl was trying out for the leading role and when I heard her sing I knew that my voice wouldn’t be a good as hers so I finally raised my hand and Ms. Hall told me to wait and told everybody to sit down because we were going to have a guest come in and I want you to be on your best behaviors because if you sing really good you could have a career so he is going to be in any minute so be good. Then about a minute passed and someone knocked on the door and Ms. Hall said everybody this is Jimmy Buffet and he is a Hollywood producer and he is here to pick someone to go to Hollywood with him and he is going to make you famous and one of you will have your very own album out in stores soon and you will be known all around the world so I want my best students to come up and sing for him so most of the class went up by the piano and sang and he said none of you have that special voice that I am looking for and he asked Ms. Hall if there were any other students that are really good at singing and she said the students that are sitting down their voices aren’t strong enough and he said oh well I guess I should try another school then my sister Isabella walked in and said that she had a paper for Ms. Hall to sign and she turned around and said OMG you’re the famous Hollywood producer Jimmy Buffet and he said yeah I am I need to find someone special so I can take them to Hollywood and make them a famous singer but I haven’t found the right person yet and she said well have you heard my sister Abigail sing and he said I don’t know if I have or not and she saw me sitting down and walked over and asked if I sang yet and I said no I haven’t gotten the chance yet and she told me to stand up and said if your looking for a singer then you have come to the right place my sister Abigail wants to sing and Ms. Hall said I don’t think that is a good idea because your going to embarrass yourself and Isabella said don’t talk to my sister like that she may not be a good singer since I’ve never heard her sing but she does have talent. And Jimmy Buffet said okay Abigail lets see what you got can you sing something for me and I said um yeah what would you like me to sing and he said can you sing made in the USA by Demi Lovato and Ms. Hall said don’t you think she should sing an easier song like old McDonald and Jimmy said I am in charge here and I want her to sing Made in the USA and she said Okay and Jimmy said can you handle that song and I said yeah but will need the lyrics to it and he said don’t worry I have a copy and he gave a copy to Ms. Hall and said can you play this on the piano and she said yeah and Jimmy said I am ready when ever you are and I said I am ready then Ms. Hall started playing the introduction to the song and I started to sing Our love runs deep like a Chevy

If you fall I'll fall with you baby Cause that's the way we like to do it That's the way we like You run around open doors like a gentleman And tell me, Girl, every day you're my everything Cause that's the way you like to do it That's the way you like Just a little West Coast, and a bit of sunshine Hair blowing in the wind, losing track of time Just you and I, just you and I

Whoa, whoa No matter how far we go I want the whole world to know

I want you bad, and I won't have it any other way No matter what the people say I know that we'll never break Cause our love was made, made in the USA Made in the USA, yeah then Jimmy cut me off and Ms. Hall said where did that voice come from and Jimmy said your amazing you have talent you’re a true professional singer your going to be famous and I said was I that good and he said you were brilliant and he said how would you and your family like to come to Los Angeles today and tour the city and stay in a fancy mansion and I said does it have to be today and he said yeah my flight leaves at 1:00 and then the bell rang to go to lunch and Isabella said go to lunch I will talk to jimmy about this and will have something arranged and I said um okay but you are going to need to inform mom and dad and everybody else and she said yeah I know that and I said oh I will see you in a little bit then I went to lunch and this guy that I liked a lot his name is Jacob was in front of me in the lunch line and he said I heard from some people that you sing really good and I said yeah I guess I have a good voice. And he said hey I am going to go to the basketball game tonight and I was wondering if you want to meet me somewhere after school and get a bite to eat before we go to the game. And I said are you really inviting me to the game and he said yeah your pretty and I said oh and he said well I like you a lot and I was wondering if tomorrow night is open for you there is a movie that I’ve been dying to see but it already came out in DVD and I was thinking that we could rent it at the movie store and go to your house or my house and watch it and I said I would like that we can go to my house and in my basement I have a 50 inch TV and its like a movie theater and he said that sounds like fun. And I said do you really think I am pretty and he said yeah I do and I am trying to ask you out but I am not very good with words when It comes to girls and I said oh well I can talk to guys easily because I have a brother and most of my cousins are guys so I am around guys most of the time and he said wow then you do know how to talk to guys and I said yeah and he said would you like to sit with me today and I said oh sure and he said sometimes your brother sits with us and I said oh Trey and he said yeah is that a problem and I said um no and we got our lunch and sat down and Trey was there and he said what are you doing sitting at our table and I said Jacob invited me and he said are you to love birds now and I said he was just being friendly is all and Trey said listen when you get those boots today you need to hurry because I want to get something to eat before the game and I said oh and Jacob said wait your going shopping and I said I just need to run into a store and get a pair of boots and one shirt then I will be out and he said oh I thought you were going to take forever and I said no there is a sale at one of the stores it should only take 10 to 20 minutes the most and he said oh well is there room for me and I said yeah there should be and he said well I don’t want to invite myself and I said  that will work out fine Trey will take us to the store and I can get what I need then we can go get something to eat and go to the game and he said okay. Then Isabella came up to us and said to me that we had to leave the school because mom and dad made arrangements for us to be somewhere at 1:00 and I said that is in a half of hour and she said yeah I know but we have to help mom finish packing our clothes and I said wait what are you talking about and she said I hope you didn’t have plans tonight and I said yeah I am going to the game with Jacob and she said well cancel them and I said no I can’t why do I have to cancel them and she said well you probably wont see him for a long time and I said oh why are we moving and she said yeah we are and I said I was just kidding and she said well that music producer liked your singing and he wants to make you into a superstar and I said wait so I have to leave all my friends and move to a different state and she said yeah things wont be the same for you ever again we are going to be famous and rich and I said wait when do we have to leave and she said right now throw your lunch away because we will eat on the plane and I said but I am hungry and she said well you will eat soon and she said what are you still doing sitting down now both of you and that includes you Trey need to get up because Jimmy is waiting to drive us home so we can pack now hurry and I said I will go but you have to promise me that I will get to see Jacob before we are officially moved and she said of course you will see him now go to your locker and get your coat so we can leave so I did what I was told and as I was putting on my coat something tapped my shoulder and I turned around and Jacob was standing there behind me and I said oh hey there I guess I wont be seeing you for a while and he said where are you going I am confused and I said oh well a big music producer Jimmy Buffet came to our choir today and was going to pick one person to go to holly wood with him and make them famous and he picked me and said that I had an awesome singing voice and he said so you really are going to go and I said I guess I am and I said I am really going to miss you a lot and he said I am guessing you have a cell phone and I said yeah I do and he said how about we exchange numbers that way we can talk and text so we did that and he looked at me straight in the eyes and he then got closer and touch my hand and kissed me and said I will really miss you and I said I will miss you to and he kissed me again and then somebody said um hey there and we turned around and Isabella and Trey were standing there and I said oh hey there and Isabella said we need to go and I said just give me a second and I said I guess this is goodbye for a while and he said I guess so next time I see you I bet your going to be famous and I said I probably will and he said can I walk with you to this jimmy guy and I said yeah and Isabella said lets go so Jacob took my hand and we waked hand in hand down the hallway and we were getting closer to Jimmy and he said I guess this is it and Jimmy walked up to us and said who is this guy and I said this is Jacob my um guy friend and he said oh I see and I said I am really am going to miss you and he said yeah I better let you go and I said yeah and he kissed me quickly and said will you call me as soon as you have a chance and I said yeah I will and we both hugged each other and jimmy said okay are you ready and I said yeah I guess so and he said ok lets go then so we walked out the door and there was a Limo in the parking lot and I said whoa is that yours and he said yeah it is and I said wow that’s huge and he said well I am rich and he said get in and check it out while we make our way to your house so we all got in and Isabella said wow this is so amazing I cant believe we are really are going to be rich and famous and I said do you think we will be that famous and she said yeah we are the perfect family and I know that every will like us in Hollywood and I said I hope so and Trey said wow my friends are going to be jealous of me now that I get to go to Hollywood then Jimmy asked me if I like the limo and I said yeah I do its so amazing and its perfect and he said that’s not the only thing that will be perfect and I said what are you talking about and he said I will tell you when your parents are here and I said um okay then and he said so I bet your dying to meet someone famous when you get there and I can make sure you meet them anyone you want to meet I can arrange it and Isabella said oh there is one person that she wants to meet and she has his poster in her bedroom and is in love with it and jimmy said oh really who is it and she said oh its just Zack Montana and he said well your in luck because I happen to be his manager and we are supposed to have dinner tonight and your family is invited and we need to talk about his upcoming album and maybe I can get you to be on his album and I said no way can you and he said yeah we will need to work with your voice but I think you two will get along really good he is a pretty neat guy once you get to know him then we finally made it to our house and I got out and Jimmy said we need to leave in 10 minutes so please hurry and I said we will do our best to then Isabella, Trey and I went in to the house and my mom was standing there with suitcases and saw us and said grab whatever you need and lets go that includes your phone chargers and extra clothes and snacks if you get hungry and I said how did you pack all this stuff so fast and she said oh well I called your sister Megan and she came right away and helped me with this and she is going to be going along with us and I said but doesn’t she need to work or have classes that she needs to attend and she said well she gets a week off of work and if you really are what Jimmy says you are then she may be off longer now hurry we need to leave so I went to my room and got a couple of shorts and shirts and then I found some decent shoes and I put them in my bag and then I saw my song book on the ground and Isabella walked in and saw me with the book and then Trey walked in and said oh that’s her diary and I said that isn’t my diary its my book that I put songs into and he said oh so you put all the song that you like into it and I said no I put song lyrics into it that I write and he said oh well if all of that singing proves off maybe you could write your own songs and perform them someday if you get really famous and I said really you think I will become famous and he said well yeah and I said I think I have all of my stuff that I will need and Trey said okay I grabbed some snacks lets go meet everybody and see if they are ready yet. So we went into the living room and everybody was there and my mom said okay do you have all your stuff and I said yeah we both do and she said okay well this is it I guess we should be going I just need to set the security alarm and Isabella you locked all the doors right and she said yeah and I said who is going to take care of peanut while we are away and she said nobody is and I said so peanut is going to stay here with no water or food and my mom said no were taking her along with us and I said are dogs allowed on planes and she said yeah its Jimmy’s private plane and I said wow he has his own plane and she said yeah he does and you guys better get used to this rich lifestyle now because that’s what were going to become then we all went outside and got into Jimmy limo and he said perfect timing lets go to the airport so as we were on our way Isabella said so aren’t you going to text Jacob and I said he is probably in class right now and my older sister said who’s Jacob and Isabella said its Abby’s love and I said he just some guy that I like is all and Trey said we saw you guys smooch and my mom said is that true and I said yeah it happened today when I was getting my coat out of my locker to come home and he asked me out and he gave me his number and I gave him mine and he wanted me to go to the game with him tonight but then he found out about what was going on and he was sad but he understood and my mom said I don’t think you want to have a relationship right now especially a long distance one and I said but why and she said well your going to be gone for a long time and it could be months before you see him and I said what and she said yeah your going to be busy on weekend and I just don’t know if your ready to one yet but how can you say that I am ready for one what about Isabella she’s in a relationship and my mom said that’s different and Isabella said actually I have to confess something we broke up 2 days ago and decided to become friends and I said but you 2 were so cute together and she said I know but I think it was the right thing to do since we will be far away for a long time and I said yeah your probably right but I am not giving up on Jacob and Isabella said then its your choice its going to be a hard one and you will need to think about your decision very carefully and I said I know that. Then we arrived at the airport and my mom said well were here and I said yeah we are then we all got out with our stuff and Jimmy said well were here so are you ready for this Abby and I said yeah I am and he said okay in about 2 hours you will be in Holly Wood and its beautiful there so I hope you brought a bathing suit or some summer time clothes and I said yeah I did and he said okay lets get on the plane then and I said is my dog allowed on the plane and he said of course she is its family right and I said yeah she is and he said okay lets get on the plane so we got on it and it was huge it had a TV and the seats were big and finally when we got settled I sat down in the seat and the seat was so comfy that I felt like I was sitting on a cloud then the plane took off and I don’t really like heights so I was trying not to freak out and Jimmy asked if I was hungry and I said yeah I am starving and he said well what would you like to eat and I said well what is there to choose from and he gave me a menu and it had really good things on it and I said how much does it cost to eat and he said its free and I said are you sure and he said yeah I eat for free all the time on here and I said um okay I guess I will have 2 chicken sandwiches, a salad, a cup of fruit, chocolate pudding and a bottle of water and he said wow that’s a lot you must be hungry and I said yeah I am then about 5 minutes later a chief was giving me my food and asked if I wanted anything else and I said that I was good so he left and when I took my first bite of the sandwich it melted in my mouth then I ate the rest of my food and the chief came back out and asked if I wanted some dessert and I said well what is your best dessert that you have and he said we have peanut butter pie with ice cream on top of it and I said I will take some of that so a couple minutes later he brought it out and it was fantastic then Jimmy came back to my seat and said we are about there and I said okay then a couple minutes later the plane landed and we got off and Jimmy said welcome to Los Angeles and I said wow this is so different from what I am used to and he said this is what your going to be seeing for a few days and I said so where are we off to now and he said how would you like to go shopping today and I really and he said yeah we can ride in my limo and I said I would love to then Isabella said can I go shopping to and Jimmy said yes your whole family can come so we got in the limo and the city was so big then we arrived at a shopping store and Jimmy said this is a favorite mall for celebrities and I said no way and he said yeah don’t be shocked if you see someone famous that you know and I said I will try to stay calm then we walked into the mall and it was huge



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