So there's this guy... no it's not what you think,..

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Just a little something for a friend... Jake Mendlen, or Mr. Perfect, as he'd like to be called :)

Have you ever met a boy who infuriates you and makes you laugh in one fell swoop?

He’s classic and flawless, but far from perfect.

But don’t tell him that.

He’s got style and charm for all the Instagram whores but in reality he just wants to be taken seriously, seriously.

He can name more fashion designers than her and she always thought that was kind of cool.

He’s a boy not yet a man, but that body would fool you.

An artist’s canvas, where stories were permanently painted and admired by more girls in the dark than she’d like to imagine.

She would smile when he’d send her pictures of his canvas with memories of Anarchy’s children.

Damn that magnet…

 He’s one of the boys, the alpha male, so she’s heard, but who believes gossip anyway?

One thing she could say for certain about the boy with style, he has these eyes, now depending on how and what you asked or told him, they either lit up with joy or darkened in such a way that it boggled her mind that she would even notice something like that.

However, they were pretty, and so was he, in a classy Americana man child sort of way.

He was one of those guys who really believed “if you got it, flaunt it.”

She’d heard it too, but in her mind, he was more than the shopping bags and his cousin’s Maserati, at least to her, but who believes gossip anyway?

One thing she liked about him, he wasn’t mean, directly or on purpose so to speak.

But believe her, he had asshole moments, but to him, it was a character trait, and he liked to build character, like pretty little building blocks for his pretty little soul.

His shoe collection probably cost more than her Catholic School upbringing, and in a way that stuck with her, symbolically.

He could walk over anyone and they’d worship him in the dark and admire his art-adorned canvas.

They’d turn the other cheek and he’d just grab another pair of Tom Ford’s and drive away into the morning mist of another day of pretty perfection…

Or so she’s heard, but who believes gossip anyway?

Submitted: November 24, 2015

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Evie Wake

OMG! Wow- this was so strong. It flowed as if a river- I'm so cheesy :)- But I loved it!

Tue, November 24th, 2015 1:22am

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