All The Things: A Fanfic

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This is my most liked fan fic on hope you all enjoy it as much as many of the readers did. I'm wondering whether or not to make it longer.

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013




All The Things

Success, it was a sweet word known only by the greatest people of this world. Sesshomaru Takahashi was privileged enough to be one of those people.

He had it all, several homes, villas, cars, estates and a successful career as one of the most powerful people in Japan.

He strolled into the doors of Takahashi corp. on a Friday morning. Normally he would not visit the office as he would much rather run the business from the luxury of one of his many villas, today however, he had learned a new Executive had entered the company with the intentions on making a business proposition.

One that in hopes would be very profitable.

He stepped into the elegant glass elevator and brushed a speck of dirt from his pristine white Armani suit as the elevator shot to the fiftieth floor.

Stepping out of the elevator he made elegant strides towards the conference room as his assistant Jaken, rushed to his side.

"Takahashi-san, your papers" he said dutifully "I've made the necessary analysis and have sorted the files on your computer accordingly"

Sesshomaru nodded as Jaken continued "The executive is already in the conference room sir"

Once again Sesshomaru nodded as he took the portfolio Jaken held in his hands and walked through the conference room doors.

The table was mahogany and stretched the entire length of the office. At the head of the table set a board and several portfolios placed exquisetly on the table.

He took his seat at the opposite end and crossed his arms, eager to have this presentation over.

"Takahashi-san" each member of the room bowed before him

"Where is this executive" he got to the point, authority in his voice

"That would be me" a small woman stepped away from the table to bow more formally.

He gave her a once-over "You can't be serious" he chuckled

Her eyebrows furrowed in anger "Quite serious Takahashi-san, I am Kagome Higurashi"

He laughed much deeper then "A woman plans to make a deal with me"

"Not a deal sir, a proposition" she corrected

"Are you contradicting me" he questioned her

"No, merely correcting your false pretense" she responded swiftly

He glared at her before waving his hand dismissively "Go on"

She glared back before walking to the opposite head of the table and grabbing the portfolios before passing them out.

She shoved the papers into Sesshomaru's hands, who in turn snatched them before saying snidely "I hope these are menus for when you plan to cook me dinner"

The other men laughed before she shushed them with a look "No Takahashi-san, it's a book of manners because your mother apparently missed some things" she replied fiercely

Fierce, I like that. He mused with a smug smile.

"Continue" he told her

"Okay" she began her accounts of a possible proposition that would benefit the company greatly

Sesshomaru gave her another once-over. She was very small 5'3 at the best. Long, black, silky hair that was pulled back into an elegant bun. A small tight waist that was concealed by a gold sash around a black dress that stopped mid-thigh. Extremely long legs for her size and a long neck that at the moment was draped in gold jewelry.

She was a sight to see, if nothing else.

"Are you listening Takahashi-san" she asked from her position

He was jarred from his very….naughty thoughts "I am"

"And what do you think of this proposal" she asked him, knowing he hadn't been paying attention

"Isn't it your job to persuade me" he asked with a sly smirk

She glared at him once more "Well if my presentation wasn't enough I hope for you to read through the portfolio there and get back with me at your earliest convience"

He smirked once more "I'll do that"

"Arigato" she bowed before rising and walking to collect the other portfolios

He glanced at her again and licked his lips. How long had it been since he'd had a woman. When she walked by him he inhaled the scent of blossoms and had to suppress a growl, left over from some extremely distant relative that had to have been an inu-youkai.

Giving her one more glance as he stood he noticed a small diamond ring placed delicately on her engaged finger.

So she's engaged. He thought. He smiled smugly. I'll call her my long shot project.

"I'll take a look at these papers and if I deem them acceptable I'll get back to you" he told her as he strolled out of the office with every intention of getting her into his bed.

By Sunday night he found himself extremely stressed out. After having taken a look at only three pages of the lengthy proposal he had decided that the girl was brilliant. Her ideas and ingenuity would make an extreme asset that many companies didn't have.

That isn't what was stressing him out.

It was the fact that no matter how long he (or his assistant) had researched he could find no more than a basic profile of her.

Kagome Higurashi, age 25, M.D in international business and a minor in archetectual design from Tokyo University. Daughter of Noriko and Naoko Higurashi. Fiancee' of Garage owner Kouga Yamagucci.

"How could a woman of such caliber be betrothed to a fucking mechanic" he shook his head

He began chastising himself then. He did not know this woman. Other than being beautiful and obviously smart there was nothing to attract her to him. Perhaps it was the thought of knowing he couldn't have her.

Perhaps it was something else.

Whatever it was it continued to stress Sesshomaru Takahashi and he was one man not to be stressed out; especially over a woman of all things.

Shaking his head once more he rang Jaken

"Yes Takahashi-san" the assistant quivered through the phone

"Buy the finest set of pearls you can find in all of Tokyo" he gave a simple order before hanging up

Sesshomaru Takahashi gets whatever he wants and what he wanted, was her.

He strolled into the office once more Monday morning. Something, of course, he'd never do on a normal day. However, it wasn't a normal day.

It was the beginning of Operation Get Into Kagome Higurashi's Pants.

As he walked through the hallways of his company he froze as he heard the distinct sound of yelling. Changing his intended direction, he followed the noise until he stood outside of Kagome Higurashi's office.

He quieted his breath as he listened to her conversation.

"I don't care" she hissed into the phone

"What you did was inexcusable" she hissed again

"I really was working late" she defended herself

"Are you calling me a liar" she grew angrier

Sesshomaru almost found himself laughing. She was having an argument with her idiot mechanic fiancée. Serves her right for dealing with the lesser people of Tokyo. Unlike himself.

"Takahashi-san" a cheery employee yelled "We don't usually see you two business days in a row"

Sesshomaru grew angry, couldn't the idiot see he was eavesdropping. He'd give his position away "Are you telling me how to run my business"

"N-no sir" the worker pleaded

"If I needed an incompetent employees advice on how to run my company, I wouldn't enlist in your help. Now get out of my sight before I fire you" he spat coldly

"Y-y-yes s-s-sir" the worker replied fearfully before scurrying away

Sesshomaru glared after him and jumped as the door to Kagome's office opened.

"Is there something you need Takahashi-san" she asked, her eyes pinkish

So she's been crying he thought. "Come with me to my office" he walked away, expecting her to follow

The girl looked at him skeptically before following behind.

"Your proposal is brilliant" he told her simply when they reached his office

"Really" her sapphire eyes brightened

He nodded "I've decided to make you head of the project" he watched her gleeful expression

"Arigato, arigato, arigato Takahashi-san" she bowed and rose with a smile

He smiled inwardly, it was a pretty smile "You're welcome" he responded "So, you're engaged huh" he got to the point

She attempted to hide the ring from him "I am"

"He isn't worth it" he replied simply

She grew angry "And just who are you to tell me who is worthy of love"

"I didn't say he was unworthy of love woman" he corrected "He's not worthy of you"

"And who are you to say that" she asked

"One who's heard you screaming throughout the halls of this business" he paused "Women do not and should not find themselves yelling"

She blushed from embarrassment "Why is yelling man's work" she spat

"No" he replied "It is man's burden. Women should not be burdened with that, they are already burdened with much"

She turned away from him as he stood from his desk "You know nothing" she told him simply before attempting to walk away

He rushed from his desk to place a hand on her shoulder "I know you are too beautiful to have to cry over someone as lowly as a mechanic"

She whipped her head to face him "How did you know"

"I own this city" he replied simply

She pouted and he swore it was the cutest thing "Should've known as much" she responded

He gave a tiny smirk before turning her to face him "I know that you have an ingenuity to take this company in so many directions" he smiled at her "I know you are a beauty that isn't seen on this Earth everyday" he brushed the hair that had fallen into her face from when she whipped her head "And I know that you want to be away from someone who hurts you in the way you've been hurt"

She breathed deeply from his caress before mustering the strength to break away "I love Kouga"

Sesshomaru stood closer to her "No you don't"

"How would you know" she replied coldly

"Love is not pain" he replied simply before leaning to give a soft kiss on her forehead

She jolted from the electricity she felt "I have to go"

"No you don't" he responded he placed a kiss on her cheek

"Y-yes I d-do" she said confusion lacing her words

"See how you're confused, love is not confusing" he replied "If you loved him, you wouldn't be confused by your emotions"

He pulled her into his embrace and she stiffened. He leaned into her ear and she shivered slightly as a stubble of his small beard grazed her cheek. "Let me love you"

It was wrong, she knew that. She didn't know this man "You don't even know me" she replied

"I can get to know you" he whispered huskily in her ear and smiled at the shiver he felt from her

"How can you let a man treat you like you're nothing, when you're worth more than gold" he asked her

She didn't respond as he traced feathery kisses across her shoulder and collarbone.

He pulled away before turning her around and breathing on the back of her neck "I'll put a string of pearls right in your hand" he draped the pearls around her neck to which she gasped. They were absolutely beautiful

"I'll take you out on a night cruise on a yacht. Any ocean, sea or river you choose" he replied as he placed a kiss on her neck

She felt her knees buckle and he held her steady "What good is a diamond like yourself, if no one can experience it's beauty." He held her tighter

He turned her around once more, before unbuttoning the buttons on her blouse. He leaned forward and gave her a smile before placing a feathery soft kiss on her lips. "Anything you ask of me" he said simply

She moaned as he continued to kiss her. She wanted to kick him, punch him, anything but to enjoy the kiss as she did. It was wrong and she knew it; but nothing felt more right.

And so she relented, she let him into her mouth where he explored every cavern and cranny and she moaned through it all.

He rose his hands from her blouse to remove it before kneading every muscle of her upper body. He placed his hands on her breasts and massaged them through the bra to which she started panting.

"T-this is wrong" she quivered as he moved his lips from hers to her shoulders

"Nothing's forbidden when we touch" he told her softly before removing his hands from her breasts and to her back to remove the bra

The garment came off easy and they seem to leap out like melons and he smiled at her.

She normally would've hid herself from a man but she felt no desire to at the moment. She knew he found her attractive and the projectile poking her in the thigh attested to it.

He led her over to the couch in the corner and sat her delicately on it. He placed more kisses on her eyes, chin and finally lips.

She moaned loudly as he kissed and licked down her body and stopped between her breasts. He looked up at her and relished in the look of pure ecstasy surrounding her face.

Kissing each breast, he took the right one into his mouth and suckled on it. She screamed as he allowed his hands to massage the neglected breast.

Switching he began tickling her slightly to which she laughed softly. It was a cute laugh and he grew pleasure out of it.

He moved south as he left a trail of kisses on her body. When he reached the hem of her skirt he lifted his hands to the zipper and yanked it down before yanking off the skirt and tights simultaneously.

"No panties" he said with a smirk and looked up to see her blush

"So" she pouted

"Naughty girl" he replied before moving to kiss her passionately once more

He pulled back to gaze at her angelic body and basked in its beauty. He couldn't wait to press against it.

Noticing his gaze she sighed softly and attempted to cover herself, her insecurities growing "What's wrong" she squeaked out

He moved her hands from her body "You're beautiful" he remarked and stood to remove his own clothes as quickly as possible

She gazed at him from her position on the couch. His body was astonishing. Defined muscles that rippled everywhere on his body. A broad chest and hard sculpted abs. The most attractive thing however was his face, it was soft almost like an angels.

He wasn't handsome, he was beautiful and she wanted more.

Taking initiative she stood from the couch and sauntered over, naked, to him. He watched her in surprise when she hopped onto him and placed a kiss on his lips.

He held her tightly, she was very light almost featherweight compared to other girls he'd been with.

Their tongues danced as his length grew longer until it touched her and she gasped loudly.

Pulling from him she laughed loudly and apologized "I'm so sorry Takahashi-san"

He laughed along and kissed her


Another kiss




Several more kisses.

He walked them back over to the couch and placed her gently on it. Positioning himself over her he placed more kisses down her stomach, thighs and legs before placing his head at her entrance.

Her breath hitched into her throat "No one's ever done this to me before" she paused "Oral sex I mean"

He laughed "Show me to the subway and I'll go down" he replied with a wink and she blushed "On a beach with jet white sand, in the rain it doesn't matter" she blushed at his words

"Really" she quivered as he breathed in her smell

"Mhmm" he moaned being intoxicated by the smell.

He looked at her once more "All the things your man won't do" he breathed her in once more "I'll do them for you" he dived into her

She let out screams of ecstasy as he teased her with his tongue. He would lap her, suck her and repeat again and again. Horizontal, vertical and in circular motions.

She panted as she arched her back so he could taste more of her. He gripped her hips as he moved into deeper to which she screamed his name louder.


He smirked as he felt her climax into his mouth. He licked up every juice before moving to plant another kiss on her lips.

"Every little thing" he finished his statement from before

And for a second, baby blue glanced into amber and mouths touched each other in the most delicate kissed ever received.

They remained that way for several moments as lied her down gently, positioning himself over her.

Her body jarred as he entered her slowly. He gave her looks of concern before moving to do anything else and smiled when she kissed him giving him the go ahead.

He moved methodically against her, it was the best thing he'd ever experienced in his life and he found himself groaning for the first time.

When he felt her legs wrap around him he pushed harder into her causing her to push back. Their movements were clumsy at first, not knowing what really turned the other on.

They laughed amongst each other at the awkwardness of their movements before falling into synchronization and ecstasy.

His head fell back as he moved inside of her and she arched her back in an attempt to take all of him in. There were no loud noises or screams.

Just looks of pure enjoyment.

Soon he felt his climax bubbling inside him and he tried holding it back, wanting to enjoy the moment forever. However when he felt her hips moving faster into his, her legs clenching him tightly and nails digging into his back he pushed faster and harder and eventually climaxed more seeds inside her then stars in the sky and proposals on business desks.

"Stay with me" he said softly before collapsing on top of her

The feeling was new to him and it scared him slightly. Sesshomaru Takahashi was not a fan of fear and would usually avoid situations that would find him in a fearful state.

But when he felt her kiss him once more and her soft black hair fall on his chest as she fell into a deep sleep he embraced her in that fearful state.

It was a feeling that was divine, strong and more influential than just sex. It was something beautiful, perfect and extremely dangerous.


I, of course, do not own any of these characters.

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