Culture For Black History

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What I experience in Ferrum, VA

Submitted: February 26, 2013

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Submitted: February 26, 2013




Do you play basketball?

Can you rap?

You must Sing?

The questions persist

and they're always the same


Is your hair real?

Can I touch it?

I love people with dreads

Irrelevant statements

and their always the same


No I do not play basketball,

for I have no coordination

No I do not rap

For I am not too creative

No I do not sing

For my voice sounds like a screeching cat in pain


My hair is as real as yours

And is not yours to touch

I don't care of your sexual preferences

For I have my own


I have a question for you

Fair-skinned friend

Do you sing country music?

or possibly rock or honky tonk?

Is your hair not blonde

And smelling of dogs when wet?


Questions I spill

And I always persist

Always irrelevant

and they're always the same

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