If You We're Given This Choice

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We've been through a lot, but what happens when one is given the choice to have their mother in their life or not?

Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012




Have you ever wondered what life would be like without one person?

I have.

And they left, and came back, and left. Repeat time and time again.


Now that they’re here,

I don’t know how to act.

You’ve come into my life and left again.


We’ve been through a lot.

We’ve yelled at one another,

You’ve hurt me emotionally.


We’ve both said things we wish we could undo,

But we can’t.


You’ve used the word so many times,

It isn’t even a word to me anymore.

It has no meaning.


Apparently the next big fight will be the worst.

She see’s it next time where I will get hurt,

Not just emotionally, but physically as well.


I’ve been given a choice.

Do I want my mother in my life?

Or do I want her out of my life?


Well, I’m 16 years old.

Unsure what the hell I’m doing,

Keeping to myself,

And I’m given this choice.


What the hell do I say.

Of course I want my mother to stay,

But she’s ..well let’s just say a ticking time bomb.


I wish she would get the help she needs,

I wish she would stay away from that thing called a man.

I wish she would one day deal with her pain.

I wish she would one day be my mother again.


We’ve been through a lot,

No matter what happens,

I’ll always be there to get you back up on your feet,

I’ll always be there to give you that one on one talk.

I’ll always be there for you when you need me.


I hope you’ll do the same for me,

Regardless of all the shit we’ve been through over the past 9 years.


I just want you to know one thing,

I’ll never fully let you go,

I’ll just let you have space,

And I’ll always love you.

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