Old Man In Depression Mode.

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This is about an old man feeling sorry for himself. If you are not depressed then don’t read it and if you are depressed, then don’t read it.

Submitted: July 31, 2014

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Submitted: July 31, 2014



You know when you are getting old, when the girls don’t’
smile or say hi, don’t even notice you as they pass by,
or the cooper gives you a start, before taking chase,
at walking pace, or the old woman seeing your zipper
open says "you’re a bloody disgrace to the human race,"
or when the street girl says, “Grandad you're too old,
and anyway a quid won't buy it, its your pension on the
line if you want to try it?

You know when you are getting old, when the car you
drove last has now been replace with a bus pass, or
when all the  girls are looking so gorgeous, and people are
saying, "At your age you’re having thoughts that you
shouldn’t –auter," or when your fingers are all screwed
up and you're given a push by a young buck. You
want to take him out, and 50 years ago there'd have
been no doubt, but now you have to turn away as he
says “Come on old man, have a go, make my day!”

You know when you are getting old when all around
you are dieing and you have no more tears left for
crying, or without a Zimmer frame your legs are to weak
to walk you up the street, or when your talking nobody
listens,  they're more interested in the baby that’s been
christened, or when your house has been struck by
lightning and the old folks home looks so inviting.

You know when you are getting old, when relatives
suddenly appear and ask. “How are you feeling my dear?
You know they are waiting to see you croak, they
don’t know as a joke, you spent all your money on women
and coke, and the house is in hock to a bloke with blue
socks, and if they did know, it wouldn’t come as a shock,
and they would be even more pleased to see you in your box.

Old age is strange that is true and the only person,
who will look after you is.


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