His house

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Surprise, surprise! I'm back! It's been a year, isn't it? So... I was studying for my history exam, and I don't know why, but suddenly I was thinking about my Booksie account, and remembered that I wanted to share a few one shots with you guys! This story is about my crush 'Daan' again, and oh my gosh! I'm not dating him (yet), but I booked some improvements :)))) This one shot really happened, though. A few months ago I came over to his house, and that's the first time we ever started to talk to each other. It was so nice! Anyways, enjoy this fluffy one shot ;)!

She couldn't believe it. 

Leigh was at her crush his house. 

She was at Daan his house. 

The reason why Leigh was at Daan his house? Simple: her dad needed to help out his dad regarding the washing machine. 

It went better than she expected. At the place of meeting it was very awkward at first, with her little sister and his little brother also being there, but eventually Leigh and Daan opened up towards each other. 

Sometimes Daan was the one who would ask Leigh things, and Leigh answered them with a little blush on her cheeks and a warm smile. 

She fell for him, but was he falling for her too?

They were in the gaming room; Daan and his little brother, and Leigh and her little sister. They talked a little bit about things, played COD on the play station etcetera. 

A few moments later, back in the living room, Leigh saw a guitar in there. 

"Who is the one that plays the guitar in the house?", she asked. 

"It's me, haha", Daan said as he gave her a shy smile. 

"Ohmy, you do?! Can you play a little bit for me?", Leigh asked with those curious eyes of her. 

Daan hesitated, but when he saw those sparkles in her eyes, he couldn't say no right?

"Uhm sure, let's go downstairs, I could play a song for you", Daan said with a warm smile. 

"Yaay!", Leigh squeaked from happiness and followed Daan downstairs. 

When they arrived downstairs, his little brother was already playing COD. "Oh there you guys are", he said when they walked inside. "I was already feeling kind of lonely."

Daan chuckled and took a seat on the sofa while his little went on with his game. Daan was looking for a song he could play on the guitar in a file, while Leigh stared at him with love in her eyes. 

"Yes here it is, The Lazy Song!", Daan finally said after he found the song he was looking for. 

"Leigh, can you sing?", he then asked Leigh. Her eyes widened in shock. 

"NO I CAN NOT AT ALL", Leigh said in a high pitched scream. 

"Yes you can, don't lie to us", her little sister said in a teasing way. Leigh gave her the "shut your mouth look or else I'm going to kill you" look. 

"Okay, then I'll play just the instrumental version of the song, I don't mind", Daan said reassuring. 

He picked up the guitar and started to play a random song he had chosen from his file. Beautiful melodious sounds came from the guitar, as Daani was moving his fingers across the instrument. 

While the two kids were killing people in their COD game, Leigh was being fascinated about Daan his guitar playing. She couldn't get her eyes of off him. 

She then knew it. She was falling for him, harder than ever. 

When Daan was done with playing, Leigh clapped her hands. "That was very good! You're amazing!", she complimented him. And she would have sworn that she saw a light shade of a blush on his cheeks. 

"Thank you", Daan shyly laughed, trying to avoid the awkwardness. "Are you sure you can't sing?", he then asked. 

"Yep, can I take a look in your music file?", Leigh asked.

"Sure you can", Daan said as he gave her the file. He then took over the controller from her little sister and started gaming with his little brother because well yeah, she kind of sucked at it. She wasn't that bad, though. 

Leigh was looking through the music file when she saw a familiar song: 

"The Lazy Song - Bruno Mars". 

Without even noticing, Leigh started to sing the lyrics of the song. Ofcourse, Daan heard this. 

"You can sing! Why were you lying?!", he said after hearing Leigh singing. Oops. 

"What? Was I singing?", Leigh asked confused. She hadn't even noticed it. 

"Okay, I'll play the song on the guitar and you'll sing along with it okay?", Daan said while he picked up his guitar and made room for Leigh to sit next to him. 

Leigh obliged, because she knew Daan wanted it so badly. She didn't know why, though. 

"UGH OKAY, BUT DON'T LAUGH AT ME OKAY!", Leigh said desperately as she was sitting next to Daan.

"Wow, I have never been so close to him ever since I met him", Leigh thought. Her heartbeat was beating as a lullaby and she was hoping he didn't notice it. 

"Okay, I'll count to 4 and then you have to begin singing the song, got it?", he said as he was adjusting the guitar on his legs. 

"Hmm.. Okay", Leigh said hesitating. 

"1, 2, 3, 4". 

Daan was playing the song while Leigh was singing along with it. At first it was very awkward, but they eventually started to sing along perfectly. They were having fun. Leigh has never felt so happy in her life, and she could have sworn that Daan was also very happy at the moment. 

Leigh was having the time of her life with her crush for over almost 2 years, and she didn't want it to end. 

Submitted: December 12, 2014

© Copyright 2021 DesperateGirlWhosInLove. All rights reserved.

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it's cute how in nature, a few spelling and grammar mistakes but otherwise I enjoyed this piece :)

Sat, December 13th, 2014 1:12am

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