Making a promise

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What happens when you suddenly get to know each other very well while making love with your partner? Don't worry, this didn't really happen. It was just a dream of mine, fulfilled with passion, tears and promises. Also my secret crush Daan is involved in it ofcourse. Contains a little bit 'smut' in it. Not too much, though. Don't judge please. Like I said, this was just a dream and I'm still a virgin. Enjoy! :)

Submitted: January 15, 2014

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Submitted: January 15, 2014



I walked out of the bathroom, done making myself ready to sleep. I was so tired that my senses became really blurry. I couldn't feel my legs and my eyes couldn't keep themselves open. I walked into my room. Finally I reached my bed and threw myself on it. Not many minutes later, my senses turned off. And I fell asleep, until suddenly my door opened...

I heard footsteps walking towards me, but I was too tired to get up and look who was walking into my room. So instead of doing that, I remained unmoved in my sheets. Then suddenly, I felt a hand stroking my back. I shivered at the touch. I felt soft lips kissing my back, my shoulders and the back of my neck. I felt myself burn inside. Curiously, I turned around to see who was touching me so shameless. But before I could see who it was, I felt those soft, sweet lips locked on mine. 

He was laying on top of me, showering my face with kisses. Then he planted sweet kisses in my neck, making me moan softly. He smirked while hearing me moaning because of his touch. He took my shirt off, revealing my breasts now. He took the right one in his hands, while he sucked my nipple on the left one. I let out a hard moan. I felt a weird, tinkling sensation between my legs, but I liked it. I liked it very much. 

I realised I haven't seen this guy yet. This guy, who was gently 'torturing' me with his sweet and soft kisses. He was kissing the space between my ear lob and my neck, when I opened my eyes to see who he was. All I could see was this mark on the side of his neck, though. I gently stroke over the mark, and he stiffened at the gesture. He lifted his head to look at me, and I suddenly recognised his face.

It was Daan. 

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...”. But before I could finish my sentence, he kissed me hard, with desperation. 

“It's okay Leigh”, he said reassuring, lifting my hand with his to his mark again. 

I looked in his sad eyes. His sad, but beautiful, dark brown eyes. I immediately knew that the mark was the cause of the pain in his eyes. I felt sorry for him. I lifted my head towards his neck, and put my lips on it, kissing it softly. He shivered, while breathlessly whispering my name and I smirked at his gesture. I felt overwhelmed, but also proud. Proud, because I could make him feel that way. 

I was going to reach for his shirt to pull it out, when he suddenly grabbed my wrists. “No, let me please you first. Then you may please me”, he said roughly, but gentle at the same time. “But... I want to make you feel good as well”, I said while sniffing through my tears. I didn't know why I cried, but what I did know is that I cared about Daan. I wanted to treasure him like he treasured me. I wanted to let him know that I cared about him, like the way he cared about me. I wanted him to know that I LOVED him, just like the way he loved me. 

Daan pulled himself up and he sat on my bed. I pulled myself up too, crawling to his lap to sit on it. I threw my arms around his neck and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. Then I reached for my shirt and putted it on again. Daan looked at me with confusion. “Why did you do that?” he asked. 

I sighed. “We're not ready for this Daan”, I said, trying to hide the disappointment in my voice. A part of me wanted him to not care about this all and that he would just grab me by my waist and go on with the teasing. But I knew he wouldn't do that, because he did care. I was ready, but he wasn't. At least, I thought so.

Daan reached out to the mark on the side of his neck, and then sighed. The sigh sounded sad and disappointing. But mostly sad. 

I threw my arms around his neck again, this time pulling him closer to me and just giving him a hug. He putted his arms around my waist, like he didn't want to let me go. 

Daan reluctantly pulled himself out of my hug. “Leigh?” According to his voice, I could tell he was afraid. 

“Yeah?” I said while stroking his rough cheek. 

“Can you promise me one thing?”


“Promise me to hold on. Promise me that you'll never let me go. Break down those walls around you. I am not going to lose you because of these walls. I love you, I really do. You don't have to love me back. But please, please, break down those walls. That's all I'm asking for. You HAVE to make that promise. To me, but also to yourself. Because you're torturing yourself with those walls.”

I felt my tears burning in my eyes. I refused to cry again, but it didn't matter. The tears were already falling down. 

Then I suddenly realised that he wasn't the one who was not ready for all this. I was the one. And he knew it. 

“I know it will take some time to open up yourself towards me, but-”. 

“I promise”, I said interrupting him. 

“What?” he said with a disbelieving tone. 

I chuckled at his response. "I promise. I promise to break down my walls. Just for you”, I said with a gentle smile. 

He smiled back at me and leaned in for another sweet and soft kiss. I kissed him back. His lips felt like the inside of a rose. I was desperate for more, but he pulled back slowly. 

“Let me break down those walls for you”, he said while stroking against my cheek. I felt my tears burning in my again, but this time I didn't refuse to cry. The tears were falling down my face as he kissed my forehead for comfort. I leaned my head against his chest and cried out. 

“You're the only one who could break those walls”, I said sniffing through my tears. 

“I won't hurt you while breaking them”, he said. 

There was a sudden silence, but it wasn't awkward. It was kind of comforting. 

Suddenly he managed to say those two words. Those two words that could be the cause of total happiness or agonising pain. 

"I promise”, he whispered into my ear and he leaned in to give me a soft kiss on the lips again. 

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