Dear -Blank-

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Submitted: November 03, 2008

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Submitted: November 03, 2008



I starve for your attention

& Those pretty words on lines.

The ones I know that you wrote

When you were lost in your mind.

Please spare me the humiliation

& Tell me something, one thing.

I need to know what you're thinking

I need to hear your heart sing.

Please, embrace me with your eyes

Wrap me up in your thoughts.

Tell me it will be all right

Even when for me it's not.

The day we met, I have to say

I was already yours.

& Now, years later, I still am.

But you don't notice such open doors.

& Everyday you talk to me

I melt inside instantly.

But those other girls' names are bitter on your lips

Because they bruise me relentlessly.

Everytime I think you're leading me

Down the path to my heart's desire

You turn around, and push me away

Just feeding my internal fire.

Now I've been in lockdown

For so long, I want out.

I can't keep waiting, I say,

I can't keep waiting, I shout.

- Love, me.

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