In Your Bay

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Submitted: November 10, 2009

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Submitted: November 10, 2009



Maybe we were strangers
When we first collided perfectly;
And maybe we can thank our luck
For making things fit so easily.
Maybe there were a few things
That we used to hide from each other -
Like silly little doting thoughts,
Hopes of moments with one another.
I’ve been a little crazy lately,
Remembering every first word
And thinking about how we happened
And thinking about what we heard.
Cautious smiles covering intended actions
Became our favorite crutch
And then things fell in place,
They fell right into our eager touch.
Suddenly it was three weeks,
And suddenly I lived full of light,
Three weeks can change a life,
And looking back on it, darling, you were right.
Never was I so genuinely happy,
I was finally bright and carefree…
And all those walls that sealed me in
Just crumbled so effortlessly.
Now it’s been a month,
And I can honestly say
That I’ve learned so much already
It's like I lacked cognition before today.
And every wonderful word you speak
I never forget to take in
Because from your words I’m reborn
And from your words I begin.
If I could only tell you
All the things that you’ve taught me
I’d feel only halfway pleased
Because it can’t compare to what you’ve brought me.
Life’s so much easier
When you ease my worries;
Living life to love life -
Things transform to something less blurry.
You’ve taught  me the past is over,
And that something can take its place,
That everything I couldn’t let go
Doesn't need to ruin my pace.
You’ve taught me about imperfection,
Because perfection is always in your eyes.
As I know I am in yours,
And that flaws can be something to prize.
Around you adoration lingers in the air;
Like ethereal signs from above,
And for this I want to thank you,
Because it’s for this I express my love.
And nothing can compare
To these last few hours we've spent,
No one even comes close
With the new spirit that you've lent.
And when I say I love you,
Have full faith in what I say,
Because when I say I love you,
It means that my heart is in your bay.

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