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just in case anyone tries to bring you down :)

Submitted: December 06, 2008

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Submitted: December 06, 2008



I try to take these words of yours and let them in
& I let them tell me exactly how to begin,
But when it all comes down to nothing, I have something to say;
Those words are not what's in me, through any day.

My reasons may be confusing, and I sometimes say it wrong
& When I try to explain myself, it comes out a skipping song.
I never was a saint, and I obviously never will be,
& Even when I try my best, messes will always follow me.

& Sure, sometimes I break down, and shatter into pieces;
Why don't you take that information to put into your thesis?
You can add that I've hardly done anything right,
& When I'm at my breaking point I'm a less than typical sight.

I can be overly talkative, maybe even annoying once in a while
But I guarantee you, there's so much more than just a smile.
I've never had a decent night's sleep due to such thoughts
That make you remember everything between the masses and lots.

Sure I get angry, but it's almost always at my reflection,
& I've never been a one to wish for pity from dejection.
Yet as much as I can dislike, there's always room for love
& No matter what I know that there's a little help from above.

But you can't use your words to tell me who I've become,
Especially since I'm not even sure what it means to some.
& You can try and tell me that I'm never going to make it,
Yet I know that through this life the truth only leaves you naked.

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