Sometimes... Always

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Sophie's guilt is immeasureable- the accident that put her boyfriend in the hospital is HER fault, and she knows it- and she can't stop thinking about it. Nor can she stop thinking about Cody, about their past, and the love they hold for each other

Submitted: February 15, 2010

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Submitted: February 15, 2010



Sophie stared down at the floor. “It’s open,” said a pretty blonde nurse behind her. Sophie didn’t bother to knock-he wouldn’t hear her anyways. As she opened the door a steady beeping reached her ears. She sat down in an ugly orange plastic chair, suddenly feeling exhausted. Cody? She thought to herself. I’m sorry. Beep...It’s all really my fault...beep...stupid Preston!...beep...and his stupid party...beep...I never should have told you to come...beep...I’m so, so sorry.

Sophie took a great shuddering breath and looked at her boyfriend’s face. It was terrible. It was scarred in several places and both of his startlingly green eyes were now blackened and closed. There was a deep gash in his forehead and from his brow up he was heavily bandaged. Sophie let out a sob, and grabbed a long chain around her neck as if it were her only lifeline. An inch long cut on her shoulder protested the stretching, but she tried to ignore it. I can’t believe this! Sophie became lost in thought...

Cody sat down next to her on the edge of the fountain. He presented a long silver chain and said, “Will you be my girlfriend?” Sophie took the chain silently and stared at him, then said, “Yes.” Cody jumped up in the air with exaggerated whooping. “SHE SAID YES! SHE SAID YES! WHOOOOO!!” Sophie laughed until her stomach hurt and she shouted at him, “Stop it!” but she grinned back at him all the same. “You drive me crazy, sometimes!” He sat back down next to her and said, “Maybe...but I’ll love you always.” And they kissed.

Sophie gasped as if just coming up for a breath of air after a long time under ice-cold water. She couldn’t bear to look at Cody’s face one more time. She tried to rise but found that her legs were made of marshmallow. Then...

A purple-red sunset spread over the ocean making the water shine. Sophie was holding her sandals at her side, her matching dress blowing out behind her ever so slightly in the light ocean breeze, her glistening black hair along with it. The tide came in to soak her bare feet and Cody appeared out of nowhere and took hold of her other hand.

Sophie felt like screaming. She managed to a choke out another, “I’m sorry, Cody!” before running out of the room. In the elevator, however. Another memory overtook her.

Sophie stared at her computer screen for a moment, lost in thought, then typed

COME 2 PRESTON’S PARTY, PLEASE!!! The message blinked for a moment, then disappeared. Cody’s simple reply was -no. Sophie frowned at the screen. I hate you sometimes! Sophie marveled at her own daring. She had never said that to anyone before. I love you always, was his only reply. Sophie felt so happy she could hardly speak-it was lucky she didn’t have to. Great! She clacked out on the keyboard. I’ll see you at seven. Sophie looked at her clock-it was quarter to five. There’s hardly any time! She thought desperately. As soon as she added the final touch of makeup, Sophie heard her boyfriend’s car pull up. “Bye Mom, bye Dad!” She shouted and slammed the door behind her. When the couple finally arrived at the party, they realized that it was not chaperoned. “Five minutes to check it out,” said Cody anxiously, glancing around the room as he spoke. “Then we’re out of here. If it gets too bad we’re calling the police. “Lighten up! Just relax,Sophie shouted over the music and noise, a glass of smelly amber liquid in her hand. She teased him, “You worry way too much!” Twenty minutes later Cody had convinced a very dizzy Sophie to get into the car. Once they were on the highway Sophie broke the everlasting silence between them. Giggling madly she said, “You drive me nuts-o sometimes!” and she broke down into more giggles. Cody replied in a strangled sort of voice, “I will love you no matter what, always.” Sophie grinned. “Good.” She leaned over to kiss him, but the sudden movement ruined the small amount of balance she had left and she fell to the floor, having not put on a seatbelt. A red light came up and Cody put on the brake, but Sophie’s hand knocked into his leg and he let go...The car slid on a patch of ice...They spiraled out of control....The pole loomed in front of them and-CRASH! The windshield broke and the glass shattered over them, Sophie half protected by the dashboard. Cody’s head banged on the steering wheel... and it was only a moment later when Sophie woke up in the hospital...

She woke up in the hospital two days later with a broken leg, a black eye, and a scar on her shoulder. They were the only things that remained to remind her of the accident. But she had been released from the hospital much sooner than Cody... It had been a week, but Cody hadn’t even woken up yet. The doctors said there was a lot of brain activity for someone in his situation, which was good, but they had no idea when he was going to wake up. Sophie felt the elevator lurch-the doors opened. She hesitated- and let them close. For the second time that day she pressed the 7 button, and ran down the hallways until she reached room 4. She pushed open the door without waiting for a nurse and sat down on Cody’s bed. She knew exactly what to do. Sophie bent down, her hair falling from behind her ears and...their lips touched. Sophie stood again, waited a moment, and reached for the door handle. But-“Sophie?” The voice was feeble and croaky, but it was Cody’s-and Sophie was overjoyed to hear it. “Cody!” She flung herself around to kiss him one more time and he said, “I love you, sometimes.” Sophie just smiled and said, “I love you, always.”

He said, “Last day of vacation, princess. What are we to do now?” Sophie smiled sadly and said, “I’m sad to see it go. But-Cody-I have a confession to make.” Cody looked at her, startled for a moment, but didn’t say a word. Sophie took a deep breath and continued, “This summer I’ve been a bit of a brat. I got really annoyed with you sometimes.” Cody didn’t show any sign of being angry. Instead he just said, “I loved you, always.

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