Such.... A Lady?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
..Theres really not an appropriate summary for this one

Submitted: February 03, 2009

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Submitted: February 03, 2009



Such a Lady, Yet why do I feel
Why do I feel so... So Like the boy

In this used to be...Should've been relationship
And I'm sorry for
Forgotten birthday cards, no trips to mars
But please tell me what went wrong...

I never once cried nor Shed a single tear

over your sorry;

Sorry excuse for an i dont even know

And late at night I dont go to bed dreaming of you,
You never EVER got a single little thought

Now hes the one complaining, Contemplating
If I'm the right girl for him...
Me the right one for him? ha
All I can say I'm sorry

that Im not like most other girls
Babe I'm Sorry
Sorry I dont whine If you dont answer my phone calls,
Over spilled milk or those nasty tricks....
Im sorry for not hugging you enough oh I'm oh so sorry love..
But I, I dont regret a single thing I did
But I'd take my actions back if it meant your heart got mended

I wont forget one little single thing I did..
And I'm, I'm sorry for not putting you first on my top friends

Really, Its just myspace its not that serious
But take the time to think "Is she on mines"...
I'm really really sorry for having all
the perfect characteristics for a girlfriend
Because I really didnt care about half the things you knew you did
But its not my fault, You sorry
Sorry excuse for a thing I once called a boy
Who knew that you needed so much attention
I'd swear you were a golden retriever on a mission
And I'm sorry.. I didnt know that I wasnt allowed any male friends
Thanks dad! Even though we both knew
I never would have cheated..
And who knew, who knew boys are always thinking of you
Even when their on their back with somebody else
Baby, Baby who knew.. All the games you think
You thought you knew how to play with my head
Its too bad, nap times over
Please go to bed you idiotic simpleton
Im Not sorry I dont cry, Im Not sorry I dont whine
No cheese for me please
Im Not sorry I dont pick fights over nothing
Im not sorry I dont return your calls, Even though
we both know you dont answer your phone at all
But I am sorry you dont catch me when I fall
I fell
I fell head over heels for you

Everything I knew to be true is Over and done with
Thanks to you! Please dont pick up your phone,
Please no more baby Im sorries,
Im through with pity parties
For now
And maybe if
You switch all the Youre's, I's, You's and He's
You'll find just where I'm coming from
And exactly why I just dont care
About You
any more less
than you pretended to care..
about me

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