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He used me...and i still love him...

Submitted: July 10, 2008

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Submitted: July 10, 2008





You lied to me,

Played me like your favorite game,

Made me a willing pawn,

A way for you to pass “go”,

Collect your two hundred dollars and get out,

Yeah that’s what I should say to you,

Just give up,

Let go,

Know I’m defeated and let her have you,

She seems to anyway,

Walk away without looking back,

Forget how you made me feel,

Try to pretend that your kiss isn’t burning my lips,

My skin isn’t yearning for your touch,

My ears not straining to hear your voice again,

Broken heart not aching to be with you again,

I don’t listen to the truth,

Rather drown in your lies,

Than revel in bitter honesty,

They say I should leave you be,

And I know you should,

No good can come out of belonging to you,

Yet, I still do,

Though there’s no hope,

I remain, forever waiting,

Betrayal hidden behind black lace,

So easy for you to slip off,

Silk sheets wrapped around porcelain legs,

Desires snaking around deceptions,

So just like you,

Desperately wrong,

Amazingly right,

All is need is you next to me,

And that kills me,

Others come and go,

But have you ever looked at me,

And just saw me for what I am,

The one still, Endlessly, Helplessly, Desperately, Uselessly, waiting….

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