"Curtain Call'

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Well, I have had more than a few requests for my erotic fantasies with one particular guy. So, here are just a few. (No names will be mentioned….)

Submitted: August 01, 2007

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Submitted: August 01, 2007



1. Curtain Call

We are on stage, the first two people over to the middle school. We were quite surprised to find the door leading into the middle school unlocked. Deciding it would be better to wait inside for everyone else; you and I go into the greenroom and sit on the couch. I lean back on the sofa and close my eyes; you laugh as I stick my tongue out and make a funny face at you. Leaning on my shoulder, you take my chin in your hand and pull me closer to you. My eyes close as we both lean in, we are finally about to kiss! Our lips are only a breath apart when the rest of the theatre class enters the greenroom. We pull apart quickly and get up and go in opposite directions, both helping to set the stage up. You take a break and twirl up into one of the heavy black curtains, and hide yourself in them. Another girl and I hurry over to you and hug you through the heavy curtain. You growl and suddenly I am twirled into the curtain with you. Gasping for breath, and giddy on anticipation, I squeak nervously as you grab me and crush me to your body. A mischievous glint appears in your dark brown eyes as your mouth crashes over mine. Breathless, completely blown away, I am melting into the kiss; my spine just dissolves as you take over. The are locked, our tongues entwined. Sighing, I surrender completely; I am at your total mercy. Chuckling, rather smug, you set me back on my feet, even though my head is still swimming! I am still floating when you smile wickedly at me. Kissing me quick, you whisper in my ear, after you kiss and nibble on my neck, the way you know I like it. “Shall we continue this later?” You ask me, already knowing my answer. Still unable to put a full sentence together, I nod. “Yes,” I whisper in a husky voice. Licking my kiss swollen lips excitedly. “When?” I ask you, eager for your touch once more. Chuckling, just before you untwirl the curtain and free us from the spell that was cast. “When you least expect it, that’s when. Be ready.” You tell me. My mouth drops open as we rejoin the world. This semester will definitely be an unforgettable one! So, that was the first fantasy of many to come….

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