"Dress Rehearsal"

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Another of my fantasies, based partly on true events.... and partly on my wild imagination....

Submitted: August 01, 2007

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Submitted: August 01, 2007



1.Dress RehearsalWhen I am sent by the assistant director of the production into the greenroom to get a few more props, they never tell me you are still getting dressed in your suit for the play.In fact, we are both quite surprised when we see each other, you in your black silk boxers with red and orange flames, and your white dress shirt you have just buttoned up, and your black socks, and me in my demonic seductress costume, my little low cut black dress with runching down the side, and the longer skirt that drapes over my hips and shows off my curves, the black opera gloves that come up to above my elbows, my long light brown hair in soft waves down my back and shoulders, and the black hooded cloak with flames on the bottom, my eyes are heavily made up to accent my light brown eyes, and my lips are painted a deep blood red, as are  my finger and toenails, and lastly on my feet are my pair of blood red high heeled strappy sandals.  In other words, you are the one hardly dressed, but I am the one who feels naked, under your smoldering gaze, as you lick your tempting lips and smile oh so wickedly at me.  Still smiling that predatory smile, you pick up your dark blue silk tie, but make no other attempt to get dressed. “Come to seduce me?” You ask me, a fire burns in your dark brown eyes as you stare at me.  Panic slices through me as I remember your promise. “You can’t mean now,” I start to say as you begin to slowly circle me. I haven’t noticed that you have me backed into the sofa until the backs of my knees hit the edge of it. Ever so gently you push me down so that I am sitting on the sofa, then you slip your tie over my wrists and carefully tie my hands behind me.  Now you speak, as I sit back and relax. I trust you, with all my heart; I know you will not force me to do anything I don’t want to do. Which is another thing that worries me, just how far will I let you go?  “Well, I did say when you least expect it, this is going to be fun!” You say to me just before you capture my mouth with yours. I sigh as I sink completely into the passionate kiss, and once again just let you take control of it. I growl lowly as I try to wrap my arms around you and pull you closer and I remember that my hands are tied with the silk tie.  I shift slightly as the kiss turns from a mere tasting, a mingling of flavors, to a sweet, seductive possession.  Wriggling once more, I sigh a sigh of relief into your mouth as my hands are untied and the tie falls from my wrists. Running my hands through your jet black hair, I smile a wicked smile of my own.  “My turn!”  I warn you as I pull you to me for another kiss. This is the first time I have kissed you, you have been always the one to kiss me, but now I am taking control.  The time with you wrapped up in the curtain was my first real kiss, and I am not the best of kissers, but I am a quick study!  I am now sitting in your lap, and still kissing you, you start to make little hand motions as we take a breather. “Air!” You exclaim dramatically as you throw your hands up in the air. “Is so overrated!”  I reply just before I drag your mouth down back to mine. I wait until I can hear you make growls of approval in your throat, and then I break the kiss. Getting off your lap, I walk calmly to where the rest of your suit is, even though I am a ball of frazzled nerves! Tossing you your pants, shoes, and jacket, I walk into the small prop room and take out the props that I was sent in there for anyway.  Getting closer to you, I stand on tiptoe to reach your mouth once more. I am only 5’1 and 1\2, and you are 5’10.  Kissing you lightly, more like a brushing of lips than a kiss, I whisper in your ear. “You’re right. That was fun!” I chuckle as I walk away and hear you muttering to yourself. “I believe I’ve created a monster!”  Handing the props over to the assistant director, who has no idea why I’m suddenly in such a good mood.Taking my place on stage I murmur to no one in particular. “And, it’s only just beginning!”

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