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This one actually takes place before Daring... Alyssa and Caleb "meet" online... more stories in the seires coming soon!

Submitted: August 03, 2007

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Submitted: August 03, 2007



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Caleb Night sighed boredly as logged in to his Myspace account and read through his bulletins. He’d had a long day what with going to class, and having to punish some of his minions. Lucky for him, he was born in the digital age. Even though he was bored out of his mind, and lonely, the wonder of this century was that on the internet, he could always find someone else who was bored out of their minds and lonely. He stopped when he saw a new bulletin that had been just posted. It was another one of those Adopt me things, but on the subject line, it also said “Bored!”

Clicking into it, he read the message that had been copied and pasted by numerous myspacers.  Then, he saw the picture. He noticed two things at once, the girl was on his friends list, and she was captivating. It wasn’t just because the fact that she was wearing a red and black bustier and a short skirt, or her pentacle earrings, or her eyes or her hair upswept and showing off creamy neck and shoulders, though that did help some. No, it was because of the expression on her face, she was looking to the side, but her expression was one of sadness. To put it mildly, her expression was the same way he was feeling on the inside. Sending her a message as a reply to the bulletin he typed and crossed his fingers, “Please tell me you’re single!” He typed and then pressed ‘Send’. He waited for her reply, knowing that a girl like her had to be in a relationship, there was just no way she would be available.  Or, if by some off chance was single, there was no way she would ever be interested in him. Especially if she found out just exactly who and what he was. Azmodan, one of the thirteen princes of Hell. One prince for every dimension.

Alyssa Darke was bored to tears! It had been a long day of work, and no one that she really knew was online.  She had sent that ridiculous Adoption bulletin on the off chance that someone would have to message her, eventually. Normally those ridiculous little chain letter bulletins did little more than annoy her, but tonight, even they seemed interesting. She was that desperate! So, it was she was waiting for someone to reply when the impossible happened, she had a new message! Opening it, she found one sentence. “Please tell me you’re single!” Hmmm, it was from one of her friends, but she’d never gotten messages from him before. Intrigued despite her conscience telling her to just leave him alone, she hit ‘Reply’ and wrote. “Single and looking, you?” Leaning back against the sofa, she nibbled on her bottom lip and pressed ‘Send.’

Caleb was looking at the girl’s profile, her background was flames, she had a decent song, and her blogs were mostly poetry. Poetry that was very full of passion and innocence, when his new messages bar appeared on the edge of his screen. Clicking into it, he was pleasantly surprised when he read her reply. Typing another reply, he pressed the send button.

Alyssa pretended that she wasn’t waiting for another message from him, but she knew she was. She was looking at his profile when her new messages notice appeared. His background was two blue dragons on a black screen. Going to her home page, she clicked on her inbox. Opening the message, she read. “Likewise, interested?” Biting her lip, she weighed the pros and cons of answering him. Then she decided to throw caution to the wind. Answering him, she sent her message. Blowing a lock of hair out of her eyes, she leaned back.

Caleb chuckled with amusement, when he saw her answer. “Intrigued. Convince me.” Asking her what her screen name was on another site, he instant messenged her for half the night. His eyes turning bright red like they are apt to do when he got excited, he said to no one in particular, “And, so it begins!”

Alyssa laughed as she read Caleb’s replies to her, he was just as sarcastic as she was! Deciding he was too good to be true, she asked him. “Ok. What’s wrong with you?”

  Caleb chuckled as he asked her. “Wrong? What do you mean?”

“You’re kind, smart, witty, and sarcastic. In other words, perfect. From my experience, I’ve learned that the perfect ones have the most issues. So, what are yours?” Alyssa bit her lip again as she typed this, not really wanting to know if he had a girlfriend, or if he was a psychopath. But, at the same time, she wanted to know all about him, including his imperfections.

Caleb toyed with the idea of lying to her, but from their conversation so far, he believed that Alyssa could handle the truth. So, he told her. “I’m actually a prince of the thirteen realms of Hell.” And waited.

Well, that was not the answer Alyssa was expecting, but she knew her demonology, her being a practicing witch and all, so she decided to ask him. “Which one?” There were only two princes that came from this realm, if he got them wrong, then she’d know if he were lying or not.

Caleb liked her, she didn’t hesitate to ask him questions, or to answer his. “Azmodan.” He answered her, knowing that she was probably researching the demonic princes right then.

She sucked in her breath, and let it hiss out through her teeth. Ok, alright. So, he got the name of the prince right, but that didn’t mean that it was him. Anyone with decent knowledge of demons, and an internet connection would know that. Still not quite convinced yet, she typed two words she knew one day she just might regret. “Prove it!”

Caleb laughed as he typed. “Not now. But soon. Very soon.”

 She tried to ignore the line of goosebumps that formed on her arms and made the hair on the nape of her neck stand straight up. Why did that sound more like a threat than a promise?


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