Never Me..:

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it's never going to be me is it?

Submitted: July 10, 2008

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Submitted: July 10, 2008



Never Me..:




Slowly dissolving,

I walk the halls,

As I slowly become invisible,

Just one more nameless face,

That you walk right by,

No use in noticing someone who is only half there,

Another piece of me crumbles,

Leaving only ruins in its wake,

Step on me, step over me,

Just pass me by,

I merely haunt your reality,

Never dwell in it,

The wall I worked hard to build is down,

Crumbled and bleeding stone at your feet,

As is my heart,

Missing a few pieces but still mostly intact for you,

Only you,

You kick the rubble to the side,

Clearing a path so that you may get to her,

Always her,

Never me,

It’s never going to be me is it?

Losing myself in you,

My light glowing dimmer and dimmer,

I only shatter the mirror,

When my reflection is no longer my own face,

But how you see me,

Hiding behind a smile,

A flirtatious glance,

The heart of a dreamer,

You never take the time to see,

How can I ever escape the distorted image you made for me?

A lovely fantasy of how you want me to be,

How can I be real?

When you only want what you think you see of me in dreams ?

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