No Inspiration Needed....

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another one for a thiasce. He thought it was cute :D

Submitted: August 17, 2008

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Submitted: August 17, 2008



How do you write about something so strong as this,
When no words come to mind,
Emotion is there,
But words escape me,
Like the thrill I get when I hear your voice,
Ordering me as you will,
Making your every whim my desire,
The need to serve you growing deeper
With every word you speak to me,
Living for your praise,
And dying for your touch,
Wishing I could talk to you forever,
And dreading that I must end the call soon,
Hear the wicked dial tone that means,
You've gone back to your world,
And I must go back to mine,
Waiting what seems an eternity so we can be in our world,
Forever in a few short weeks,
How can I put on paper all the things I feel for you,
Master all my emotions,
A willing slave to this pen,
Once again I write on my heart,
And hope I won't have to burn it,
And start a new,
The perfect words are so hard to come by,
But with you,
I happily find,
There is no inspiration needed....

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