Only you....

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Only him can make me feel like this...

Submitted: July 10, 2008

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Submitted: July 10, 2008



Only you....

 It's in your yes's and your no's,

It's in your stop dears and your goes,

It's the way you tear me down,

And the way that you always come around,

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Only you bring out that smile,

Only you can make me say "please stay for a little while",

Only you can bring out the light in my eyes,

Only you know just where my true passion lies,

And if you ask me if I want you,

I'll say,

 Only you,


When I'm sitting next to you,

When we sleep the whole bus ride through,

When you throw me in the pool,

And my heart just acts a fool,



Only you can make me laugh out of thin air,

Only you are the one that catches my stare,

Only you are the reason to my rhymes,

Only you are the partner in my crimes,

And if you ask me if I need you,

I'll say,

Only you,


You are the only one that sets me a flame,

There is no one else that can make me feel the same,

You know that only you are the reason why I breathe,

So Baby, please, don't tell me you have to leave,


Only you have the kisses I can stand,

Only you will  take me by the hand,

Only you make the world disappear,

I have the world whenever you are near,

And if you ask me if I want you,

 I'll say,


If you ask me if I love you,

I'll say

Only you….

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