Spare me your fairytales

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I wrote this inspired by the song "Fairytales" by Sara Bareiles. Read and enjoy!

Submitted: June 13, 2008

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Submitted: June 13, 2008



She called him "Sleeping Beauty" because he was always the dreamer, dreaming form this world to the next, catching people in a web of dreams he spun. Telling them of great desires and places and of people who were magic and would grant the heart's deepest wish. They called her "Brave Pen," for she would slay any dragon that he had dreamed up. She could write heroes to their victory and villains to their ultimate defeat. Worlds were created and lives changed forever by her pen flying across the paper, leaving chaotic ramblings in its wake. She was free from the reach of the tales that he told that seemed to ensnare willing listeners and trap them so that they too were forever dreaming. But, was a prisoner of the whims of others. Trapped in a crystal looking glass that never reflected her true self, only the distorted image that others thought of her. To them, she was only the "fairest in the land." The dreamer, who saw things no other could see, saw the writer for what she really was, a dreamer that just wanted to find the fairytale romance such stories are written about. Tired of waiting for her prince, but falling for the dragon, she had allowed herself to be banished from the kingdom and exiled to the back of everyone's mind.

Great walls of stone and the tallest of towers guarded her heart away from harm by anyone . Darkness now filled the light that was once in her eyes. Naivety was replaced with cynicism. A strong shield of sarcasm protected her from getting too close to anyone. Red hot passion turned ice cold when the maiden was betrayed by the dragon. Pride, quick wit, and, a sharp tongue hid away how fragile she was. He saw her as the damsel in distress when everyone else only saw the evil queen, frozen for eternity.

  One kiss, and the ice thawed, blood boiled, and all of her carefully built walls crumbled at his feet, leaving her defenseless. True love's kiss had ended the curse she had placed upon herself, she was about to get to the happily ever afters, when with a kiss, he rode away, trodding on her heart.

  They called him "Sleeping Beauty," for he dreamed beautiful dreams and then took them with him when he left. They say "True love conquers all."

 I say, Spare me your fairytales...

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